The Biggest Issues For Spanish Speakers Moving To The US


Many people from Spanish speaking countries like the idea of moving to the US. That is because it’s one of the fairest and most legitimate countries in the world. Also, there is a huge population on the continent that uses Spanish as their native tongue. So, you would think that navigating the move would prove easier than moving to some other places. However, there are many issues affecting migrants, and so this article aims to set the record straight. We’re going to talk about all the problems people might face when moving to the United States. With a bit of luck, this post will help people to avoid mistakes and understand the process they will have to follow.


Getting a Visa

Although the US Government issued more than 467,000 Visas to foreign nationals last year, it’s still difficult to gain entry. The Bureau of Consular Affairs allowed 147,000 Spanish speaking people into their country during the same time. Anyone who wants to visit or move to America will have to file the appropriate forms.

The Government looks at factors like criminal records and how much the individual can earn. They also consider if the person is bringing trade to the country. In most instances, it’s much easier for someone to gain access if they have a particular skill. Also, it helps if they have a sponsor from inside the US. So, perhaps it would make sense to arrange a means of employment before arriving. That is, unless, and plan to go to the US for medical treatment. Most people have to obtain a short-term working Visa and then apply for extensions if everything goes according to plan.

Finding somewhere to live

Unlike many other countries, the US does not discriminate against outsiders when it comes to buying real estate. That means any Spanish speakers with enough cash could find a home quickly. However, most people won’t have the funds to purchase a house in this country. Average prices start at around $100,000 depending on where the individual plans to reside. For that reason, most migrants will want to rent a property as soon as possible. Again, they can sort that out before arriving in the country in most instances. They just have to get in touch with real estate agents before they plan to enter. Alternatively, they can visit them on their first day in the country. It usually takes less than 24 hours to finalize a property rental deal.

Of course, many foreign people choose to live in hostels for their first few months. That helps them to keep expenses low and find somewhere to sleep. Websites like HostelWorld provide an excellent service to anyone taking that approach. They offer an app that makes it easy for anyone to locate the best establishments and make their bookings.

Finding a job

In nearly all instances, Spanish speaking people who want to work in the US should find a job before they arrive. However, we’re not living in an ideal world, and so it’s important to discuss that issue. Everyone needs to obtain a working Visa before they reach the United States. That means it is possible to find work after they land. Even so, many employers will give jobs to locals before they consider a foreigner. Thankfully, many charities and services can assist with that issue. Just search online for Spanish jobs in America for more information.

Most migrants will earn less than their American counterparts. That’s just a fact of life. So, it makes sense to bring as much cash as possible into the country. That could help the worker to sustain themselves until they find something suitable. Of course, it’s wise to alert the Customs team at the airport if you do that. There is no limit to the money migrants and travelers can bring into the US. However, it’s sensible to declare more than $10,000.

Making friends and socializing

As we have already discussed, there is a large Spanish-speaking population in America these days. That is because hundreds of thousands of migrants have passed the Mexican border during the last twenty years. New arrivals should have no problem meeting people with the same outlook on life. There are hundreds of Spanish bars, and many of them are located in the southern states. So, it’s probably wise to move to somewhere like Texas for the best results. However, plenty of immigrants settle in other areas of the continent. There are clubs they can join, and lots of social events. Facebook and Twitter are often the best places to search for information.

With that in mind, it’s also sensible to get involved with the new culture. People coming to America shouldn’t restrict themselves to other Spanish speakers. There are plenty of American people who might show an interest. For that reason, travelers shouldn’t avoid US bars, clubs, and events.

Getting access to social security

The social security situation for immigrants in the US has improved in recent times. While there are no standard monthly payments for refugees, people going there get a good deal. People just have to meet the right criteria at the time of making their application. Benefits for those with health issues are much easier to obtain. Thankfully, there are some resources in Spanish for helping understand social security disability benefits. So, immigrants just have to educate themselves and learn as much as possible. The conditions at the moment include that you need qualifications. As we mentioned earlier, getting along in the US is much easier if you bring a skill or knowledge to the country.

Alongside the benefits, there are also many charities operating in America that help immigrants. So, it could make sense to get in touch with them and explain the situation as soon as you enter the country. They can provide information about rights, and access to such services. They can also offer tips for accommodation, and can help to find employment.

Starting a business

Many people who move to America want to start a business. That is often the best way to support their families and improve their quality of life. Unlike many other countries, the process is simple. Indeed, there’s no need to launch a US company in most instances. The Government is happy to bill foreign organizations for domestic tax. So, it’s possible to start a new venture in your home country and then relocate.

Just bear in mind that people will often have to pay two sets of tax. One to the US and one to their country of origin. For that reason, immigrants might like to consider the alternative. The same goes for anyone who plans to invest in property or the stock market.

Voting in elections

Foreigners do not usually have the right to vote in US elections until they have an American passport. However, there are some instances in which they can apply to the voters register. For example, they can sometimes vote if they have a parent with citizenship. They can also vote if they began living in the US permanently before the age of 16. So, it’s possible that any children you bring will one day obtain that right. Whatever happens, don’t make the mistake of voting if you don’t have approval from the Government. Americans take a dim view of election fraud, and they work hard to stamp it out.

The standard punishment for anyone who casts a vote without permission includes incarceration. However, deportation is often used as a show of strength. So, the individual could end up back in their home country before their feet hit the floor.

Dealing with crime and punishment

Nobody wants to get arrested during their time in the US. The country has one of the largest prison systems in the world. There are currently more than 2 million people serving the state in that manner. Legal immigrants have the same rights as everyone else. That means they can go to prison for a long time if they commit a serious offence. However, deportation is often used too. That is used in the most severe of instances where it would cost more to keep them locked up.

It’s important that all Spanish speakers find suitable legal representation if something bad happens. Again, you just have to search online for specialist lawyers. There are plenty of experts out there who deal specifically with foreign nationals. It would make sense to have someone like that fighting your corner.

As readers can see from that information, Spanish speakers face many stumbling blocks when moving to the US. However, things are much simpler than they once were. There is an incredible amount of help available, and the odds are stacked in your favor. At the end of the day, moving to America is not the best step for everyone. Healthcare costs a lot of money, and the percentage of homeless immigrants is high. Even so, it’s the land of the free, and many people are coming from countries that don’t allow that privilege. The best way to succeed involves keeping your head down and working hard.

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