When you are trying to impress a client, first impressions mean a lot. So, what they see and hear from your business in those first few moments could decide whether or not to hire your company. Here is exactly what you should do to create the right first impression.


Neaten Up the Exterior

Imagine the potential client stepping out their vehicle when they arrive at your premises. If the first thing they see is a faded sign, litter on the floor and graffiti on the wall, then they will not be impressed. The prospects of creating a positive first impression will be ruined instantly. So, you need to make an effort to neaten up the exterior a little. Companies like Mötsenböcker sell products that are good at lifting graffiti off walls. And it’s not hard to clean up the junk surrounding the premises.

Have Someone to Greet Them on Arrival

When a potential client gets through the door of your business, you don’t want them left waiting around. So, if you know what time they’re due to arrive you should make sure that there is someone there to greet them. If you hire a full-time receptionist, this shouldn’t present much of a problem. But if you don’t, then you will have to make sure that you are there yourself ready to take them to your office and carry out the talks. It’s a simple gesture, but it matters.

Offer a Smile

A smile is another thing that you should provide when you first meet the potential client. Smiling at them and projecting a positive and welcoming attitude can only be a good thing. It goes a long way to developing a positive kind of relationship between the two parties, so don’t forget about this. Nobody will want to do business with your company if it projects a negative attitude as soon as a potential client is met. That smile could prove to be contagious and persuade the other person to take a positive attitude too.

Save the Pitch for Later

The last thing that the potential client wants is to be bombarded with a sales pitch when you first meet. This is a mistake that many people manage to make when they meet people for the first time. They’re so eager to blurt out that sales pitch that all manners go out the window. Keep it relaxed and pleasant to begin with. Small talk might be a little dull, but it’s always better to offer them small talk than a sales pitch. The sales talk can come later on, so keep it under wraps.

Listen to Their Needs

The needs of the client are always what should come first. If your business is keen to clinch the deal, then you need to be clear about how much you care about those needs. So, the first step should be to listen to the clients needs. You can only start to formulate an answer and a service for them once you know what they want and need from you. And listening gives them a positive impression of the business too. So many entrepreneurs are great at talking but not so great at listening.

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