Amira News is an online news website, where we focus on making different news from all over the world. Here, our primary aim is to keep the news as simple as possible, and as understandable as it can become. You will find simple language in our news because we cater to people from all places.

Why Amira News was started?

These days, news from the journalists have become more or less dependent upon the revenue. The responsibilities are distorted, hence the news and information also is not much accurate. We, however, have kept our focus on working ethically.

Hence we decided to start Amira News, so that people can get access to genuine and authentic news, without any inclination towards the money paying party. The ethical journalistic standards are maintained here, where the news actually hold power to change the course of many events.

How was this website formed?

Though was started by 1 person – our current CEO, its purpose couldn’t be fulfilled until we had a good team. Hence our hunt began to choose people with specialized skills, that would continue forward the idea of our CEO and make this news agency an ethical and worldly agency. Although it was difficult hunting for people, the search was worth it. From different parts of the world, writers and journalists joined hands with us, together forming a big team of Amira News.

Our Aim

Our ultimate goal is to keep the name of Amira News strong, and continue serving authentic news to the people of this world. We aim to serve the best!