Cooking Like Martha: Top 5 kitchen stoves for the budding homemaker

kitchen stoves

Are you all about trying baking and cooking or trying your hand at new recipes? If your answer is yes then we have a treat for you. This post is for you if:

  • You love cooking and are always surprising family and friends with your delicious treats?
  • Youare always to be found in your kitchenor if you want to spend more time in your kitchen.
  • You’re about to remodel your kitchen or simply looking to upgrade your stove to match your growing home making skills.


So let’s get started!

There are a number of things to consider if you’re looking to replace an old stove. Such considerations include whether you want another stove (with a built in oven) or would like a more modern combination of a cooktop and separate wall oven. A more modern installation might require some serious renovation if your kitchen is only set up for a traditional stove. Therefore the aesthetics, size, fuel source and you’re budget also need to be taken into account when making your decision.

Fuel source                                                                                                                                                                      

A major decision is between electric or gas stove. Of course if you already have a gas linethen it would be more economical to replace it your current stove with another gas stove, unless you’re willing to do some major renovations.Bakers tend to prefer electric stoves but foodies who tend to do more frying and broiling usually prefer gas burners. It is important to note that heating coils retain heat for some time after they are turned off while gas burners cool down a whole lot faster.

The advantages

Gas stoves as a whole general provide heat that more closely meets the recommendations in cook books.They allow for more accurate temperature control since the flames immediately grow smaller or larger at the turn of a dial. This means the heat being supplied to your pots and pans also changes immediately. This is not the case with electric stoves where coils have to cool before the temperatures being supplied to your pots and pans fall. Gas stoves also emit less heat maintaining a cooler environment in your kitchen. Since gas stoves don’t need to “heat up” it requires less time to complete cooking meals. Additionally, gas lines are not usually affected by bad weather so you’ll still be able to prepare meals if you use power.

There are many helpful appliance repair experts who can help guide you in choosing your new stove and carry out the installation and servicing required to keep it in tip top shape.

Here are our top 5 picks


This stove makes easy and speedy work of cooking. It brings water to a boil quickly and keeps a steady simmer. This stove also features a griddle burner and warming drawer beneath the oven.

Samsung FE-R300SX

This stove is feature packed but affordable. Brings water quickly to a boil and also simmers well. The oven is a baking champ while the electronic controls have programs for pizza and chicken nuggets. Yum!

Bosch HDI7282U

This sleek looking stove has some truly hot extras. Even-cooking gas burners sit atop an electric oven that has convection. A probe helps roast meat to the perfect internal temp. Below, you’ll find a handy warming drawer.

Frigidaire FPCF3091LF

This is the stove for those who are curious about induction but not yet ready to commit to a total switch. This have-it-all pick includes two induction elements, two standard electric ones (which merge into a griddle burner), and a feature-packed electric oven.

KitchenAid KGSS907S

Built to provide the appearance of a slide-in stove this range comes fully loaded with top of the line features such as convection heating, high-powered variable burners and a self-cleaning mode. Feature a fast heating oven and stovetop burners that bring water quickly to a boil produce a consistent low simmer.