Road Deaths And Accidents On The Rise

One would think that with the huge advances in safety being made there would be fewer road deaths with every passing year, but that is simply not the case. With cheaper cars and an ever-increasing infrastructure, driving remains explosive in its popularity. With no signs of its popularity diminishing, it seems that the roads are more crowded than ever. This is no doubt contributing to the ever increasing statistics on road deaths and overall accidents. For a few years now we have been told that road deaths are on the rise, in spite of the government’s continuing emphasis on preaching road safety. There are also meant to be more and more safety features on the roads themselves, and more and more police to ensure that they are enforced.

But in spite of this, road accidents and deaths are increasing year on year. In both 2012 and 2013 an increase in road deaths was reported, with the number of serious traffic accidents rising alongside it. But why? It’s hard to understand why we should be spiraling back into chaos on the roads, as we have spent so many years trying to make driving a safe mode of transport.

There are a few reasons. One is the proliferation of conmen on the roads. Some people are using the higher numbers of cars on the road to their advantage by intentionally causing accidents. If they do so by sharply braking, and another car goes into the back of them then they can claim for their insurance costs against the other party. It is very hard in a situation like this to prove that it was not your fault, as you did crash into the back of the car in front. Conmen rely on this in order to make sure that your insurance will pay out. With crooks like this out on the road causing accidents for monetary gain, it’s easy to understand how more accidents and deaths are occurring year on year.

There are also more and more young drivers on the road. With insurance costs dropping alongside the average cost of a secondhand car, many newly qualified drivers are able to afford to get out on the road. They can often drive irresponsibly, and even if they are responsible then they are often inexperienced and still more prone to cause or be involved in accidents. Statistics show that young drivers are more than twice as likely to die in crashes, and that one in four new drivers will experience a crash within two years of passing their test. The statistics become even more concerning when you see how often accidents are caused by drunk driving or being in charge of a vehicle without due care and attention.

These should all be massive issues of concern for any driver. If you’re involved in an accident, it can not only ruin your day. It can turn into a huge ordeal that is lengthened if you are personally injured. In the case of any accident you should immediately be contacting a lawyer. But if you experience any pain following the accident you should contact a specialist such as russellworthsolicitors personal injury. Such a service will help you to navigate the whole minefield of legal and administrative process in order to get the treatment you deserve.

But why are accidents still on the rise? Yes, there are more young drivers and conmen on the road, but these are surely only a small percentage of a large population of drivers. Surely there are more responsible drivers out there?

Well, yes there are, but they are being affected by a number of developing factors on the road. As the automobile industry has continued to develop, safety precautions have hugely improved. Studies show that if you believe yourself to be safer, then you are more likely to behave recklessly. This means that if your car has airbags that you are more likely to speed and take further risks. This can change the behaviour of any driver, from a newly qualified boy racer to an experienced and advanced driver. It will subtly affect the way they drive, inching them closer and closer to dangerous situations.

In a more tangible sense, there has also been a huge increase in the number of road deaths due to drink driving. This should obviously be a huge concern, as it displays a huge lack of consideration for others on the road. Binge drinking has meant that people continue to be caught drunk driving on their nights out. And they are often more likely to be caught with too much alcohol in their bloodstream the following morning. Although this is somewhat more forgivable, it is still hugely concerning that people do not understand that alcohol stays in their system for such a long time. This is a matter for education to take care of. The government and non-profit organisations are emphasising the importance of knowing your limits, but there are still many obstacles. Most people seem to think that they feel fine the next morning, and that their coordination will not be impaired.

There is also a rising number of cyclists on the road. In cities, where public transport costs are rising and congestion is worsening, cycling is becoming increasingly popular. With thousands more bikes on the road, drivers have so much more to be aware of their surroundings. Bikers are far harder to spot. Bikers tend to be crushed by turning lorries and are very hard to see in general. The numbers of cyclists have been rising in recent years, without any sign of abating, but the cycling infrastructure of cities has been slow to catch up. Cities are now trying to emphasise the importance of cycling safety, but they are still struggling to reduce the numbers of bike on car accidents and cyclist deaths. This is becoming a huge political concern in cities, as people come increasingly concerned with matters of transport and safety.

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