Ten Years Of Imprisonment For A Greek Cleaning Lady

False Testimony Imprisonment

A woman who had falsified her elementary school certificate for applying for cleaning in a kindergarten had to serve a 10-year prison sentence. The indignation in Greece is great.

In Greece, the case of a cleaning woman is currently causing indignation, and she had to serve a 10-year prison sentence. The 53-year-old woman was convicted of forgery as a cleaner in a nursery school.

In order to get the job as a cleaning lady in a public kindergarten, the woman had stated in the application documents that she had completed the entire six years of elementary school – but in fact she had left the school after five years.

For this offense, the woman was initially sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, in an appeal, the verdict then reduced to ten years, now the woman is in prison in Thiva in central Greece in custody.

The protest against this verdict is huge – government, opposition, human rights groups and trade unionists in Greece are outraged publicly. “The decision is not just inhuman,” the Greek League for Human Rights quoted as saying, “which is another sign of the persistent weaknesses in the criminal justice system.”

The woman worked for 18 years as a cleaning lady in kindergarten before it became known in 2014 that she had falsified her elementary school certificate.