Several Fires After Easter Fires In Austria

In the Zillertal, an Easter fire caused a forest fire. The fire department advanced with over 120 men. Also for Styrian forces, the Easter weekend was operational.

An Easter fire caused a forest fire on Holy Saturday in the Zillertal in the Tyrolean district of Schwaz. According to police, the flames spread on a deforested area except for the adjacent forest. The fire department was with over 120 men and 14 vehicles in use.

A 39-year-old had ignited the fire at 18.30 clock. The flames spread quickly because of the strong wind. Since all extinguishing attempts failed, the local alerted the fire department.

The fire brigades from Bruck, Strass, Schlitters, Wiesing, Jenbach, Fügen and Hart were in action. Nobody got hurt. The amount of damage was unclear to date.

The Easter weekend was also full of action for numerous Styrian fire brigades: more than 100 fire safety guards were counted. In several traditional fires, the flames have spread to meadows and forests. No one was injured, said the Land Police Directorate Styria on Easter Sunday.

Already in the early afternoon, a forest in Vasoldsberg in the district of Graz-Umgebung was set on fire: A 78-year-old had wanted to heat leaves, branches, and brushwood. The flames got out of control. Six weirs with 14 vehicles and about 70 people put out the fire.

A few hours later, it was once again an Easter fire, which spread: At 8:00 pm in Kaindorf in the Hartberg-Fürstenfeld district, a 64-year-old East Styrian noticed that bush and trees had been lit below his hearth. The Tiefenbach and Kaindorf fire brigades arrived with seven vehicles and 47 forces to fight the flames.

On the night of Sunday, a car was set alight, which had been parked near an Easter fire. The 19-year-old driver had stopped in Aigen in Ennstal in Liezen. He and his two companions wanted to continue the journey a few minutes later and suddenly saw a jet of flame in the rear area. So that this can not spread to other vehicles, he wanted to put away his car and drove off.

When he saw no more flames in the rearview mirror, he thought that the matter was settled. But other drivers made him aware that it was still burning at the rear of the vehicle. Ultimately, he was able to extinguish the fire himself. The cause of the fire still has to be determined.

The regional control center of the Styrian fire brigade counted from Saturday morning to Sunday morning, a total of 147 missions, with just under 120 are due to fire safety at Easter fires. 16 hedgerows, forest or meadow fires were extinguished.

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