2016: An Election of Surprises

An Election of Surprises

Every four years, it’s time for the American public to vote on their next president. But in the months before the November election, presidential candidates do their best to both distinguish themselves and highlight their opponent’s weaknesses. To say the least, the campaign trail is nothing short of being grueling, competitive and inspirational (at times). It is on the campaign trail that we often learn a candidate’s stances on things like the economy, foreign policy, human rights, education and many other topics. In the early months of the campaign, it’s great to see who decides to run for president. But, as time passes, we also get to see the selection process work and narrow down to the last two candidates.

Today, in the race for the upcoming presidency, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States. Their campaigns are drastically different—you couldn’t get two different people on opposite political spectrums. So come this November, it’ll be interesting to see whom the general public will vote for. Who do you personally stand besides? What changes do you hope to see? These questions are important and will help determine the future of the United States.

Regardless of who wins, keep in mind that history is filled with surprises and startling revelations. This infographic explores many facts that are both not commonly know and are enlightening. Our former leaders were an interesting bunch—full of everyday struggles like everybody else. And while it takes a certain type of person to become president, it’s neat to know who they really are as individuals.


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