Al Ain Traffic Disruptions Due to Heavy Rain and Hailstorms

Traffic Disruptions in Al Ain

On Friday, Al Hayer, north of Al Ain city, experienced heavy rain and hailstorms that led to fallen trees and disrupted traffic. Police patrols were quickly deployed to manage the traffic and minimize inconveniences.

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) had predicted fair to partly cloudy weather for the day but also warned of the possibility of convective cloud formation that could bring rainfall east and northward in the afternoon. The warning turned out to be accurate, as unexpected hail accompanied the heavy rain, particularly in Al Hayer. Other areas in Al Ain, such as Al Foah, Al Bidaa, and Al Sarooj, also experienced rain.

The NCM’s forecast indicates that similar weather patterns may be expected in the UAE in the coming days. From Saturday through Tuesday, the weather is expected to be fair to partly cloudy, with low clouds over the eastern coast in the mornings and chances of convective cloud formation in the afternoons, moving east and southward. The weather will remain humid at night, with a possibility of fog or mist formation in some coastal areas during the mornings.

Light to moderate Southeasterly to Northeasterly winds are expected, occasionally freshening and causing blowing dust during the daytime, with speeds ranging from 10 to 25 km/hr, reaching up to 40 km/hr. Both the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea will remain calm.

Authorities are urging residents and motorists to remain vigilant, especially in areas prone to heavy rains and hail. The fallen trees in Al Hayer serve as a reminder of the sudden and potentially dangerous weather shifts that can occur.

Local authorities will continue to monitor the weather and are prepared to respond to any emergencies or disruptions that may arise due to the unpredictable weather conditions. It is essential for people to stay informed about weather updates and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety during such weather events.