Xiaomi Unveils Huge ‘Pocket-Sized’ Budget Handset


Xiaomi has launched a smartphone with a 6.44in (16cm) screen that the Chinese company says will “fit in your pocket”.

The Mi Max features fingerprint security and a 16-megapixel camera but will have a budget price tag of 1,499 Chinese Yuan (£159).

It has a larger battery – at 4,850mAH – than most smartphones, more powerful than the Apple iPhone 6’s 2,915mAH battery.

There is a dual Sim function and space for an additional memory card.

Xiaomi announced the launch on Twitter.

“Phones are getting bigger and bigger because of the way we are using them now,” said Stuart Miles, founder of gadget review site Pocket Lint.

“It doesn’t matter that the phone is huge because it allows you to view content and enjoy it.

“You don’t have it up against your face as much as you used to.

“Based around that idea, the manufacturers push that boundary of what they can get away with.”