Prototype Flying Car Takes To The Skies

Prototype Flying Car

A prototype of the world’s most advanced flying car has taken to the skies.The AeroMobil 3.0 features a high-tech cockpit and wings that can fold in behind the cabin.

It was unveiled at an innovations conference in Vienna where AeroMobil’s chief executive Juraj Vaculik said it could “change personal transport on a global scale”.

The company has been working on the vehicle for more than 25 years, and the latest iteration is its most advanced prototype yet.

Its maiden flight took place last week and the vehicle is now undergoing a series of flight-testing exercises.

It has been designed for typical road use as well as air travel, meaning it can fit in a typical car parking space and be driven on roads.

The AeroMobil needs a 50-metre grass strip for takeoff and landing, much less than a typical plane.

The creators say it is primarily aimed at developing countries where extensive road infrastructure is not in place.