Everything We Know About The Upcoming Lg G6


Next month, we’ll see many phone makers such as Lenovo and Nokia unveil new handsets at Mobile World Congress, the largest trade show for the mobile industry that’s held every year in Barcelona, Spain.

Included on that list is LG, which recently teased an “ideal smartphone” before the show. Though the company didn’t officially say it will debut the G6 (the presumed name of its next flagship), chances are high it’ll be the G6 at MWC.

So far, here are the things that are likely true about the G6:

– Waterproof design

– Feature skinnier bezels (“big screen but smaller body”)

– Offer one-hand usability

– Won’t be modular or have modular accessories

Here’s what’s rumored

– A 5.7-inch display or smaller (“fit into my pocket”)

– An 18×9 aspect ratio

Perhaps the most notable item on this list is the fact that the G6 won’t be modular. The previous G5 flagship had a detachable chin, which users can use to swap out a new battery or other accessories like a camera grip or a high-definition digital-to-analog audio converter. (Watch CNETers struggle to figure it out here.) Though the concept was novel, the phone didn’t sell so hot. And despite LG saying at the end of last year that it wouldn’t rule out modularity just yet, it ultimately decided to ditch the feature.

Another item to note is the phone’s water resistance. LG has never made a waterproof flagship before, and went as far to say that it was “not that useful” in a 2014 interview with Trusted Reviews. But as both Apple and Samsung made their headlining phones splash proof (not to mention Sony doing it for years prior), it comes as no surprise that LG is changing its tune and following suit.

Again, no formal announcement has been made by LG about the G6, except for its promotional video. CNET will be on the ground at MWC 2017, which kicks off on February 27. Until that time comes, we’ll update this piece continually as more details of the phone roll out.