Apple’s Gold Smartwatch Could Cost Up To $5,000

Apple's Gold Smartwatch

Rumours have been swirling that Apple’s gold smartwatch could cost as much as $5,000 (£3,150), according to senior company sources quoted by a French website.

The Cupertino firm is due to launch the new product line in spring next year, but details over how much each device will cost have been sparse.

Now – which covers Apple developments – says the high-end model with gold plating will set customers back up to $5,000.

However the stainless steel models will be easier on the wallet, according the site, costing $500 (£315).

The site is trusted by many Apple watchers as it correctly predicted the introduction of two iPhone 6 models earlier this year.

The watch was unveiled by Apple chief executive Tim Cook in September.

The company says it works as a health and fitness device with many of the same features as a smartphone – but crucially needs an accompanying iPhone to work.

According to many technology sources, Apple is unhappy with the battery life and is working on extending it before it is released.

One report said the battery will last a day on a single charge, while many rival devices last a week.