How To Get Closer To Your Family


You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family! We don’t always get along with our families, but – for better or worse – you are bound to them. There’s a deep link between family members that will never be replaced. The bond between siblings, cousins, and of course parents is deep and powerful. But sometimes, families grow apart. They drift away, and that bond begins to diminish. Now, if you ask us, there’s nothing more special than family. Everyone deserves a strong circle of people who care about them. So, if your family feels like it’s drifting apart, here’s how to bring it back together.

Make time

A lot of us take family for granted. We think our parents will be there for us, and our children will love us unconditionally. The truth is that a strong family takes time and effort. You have to actively make time for you and your family. Set aside those weekends, and schedule family days out. This is especially important when creating a bond between you and your children. But, don’t let this fizzle out as they grow up. Make time to see your parents too. Never take your family for granted, and make time for them.

Learn your family history

A strong family comes from knowing what came before it. There’s an element of respect in learning your family history. Trace your grandparents’ family back as far as you can, and learn more about the past. It will give you a strong connection to the entire lineage. It will hopefully instil the importance of a family line, and give you more respect for your existing relatives. Tracing your Canadian family history is now easier than ever. You can use online genealogy websites and records. You can also use traditional library resources.

Establish family values

Families must lead by example if they want a strong connection. It’s up to you to establish those family values, and set them in stone. What type of person do you want to be? What type of family do you want around you? If you’re committed to a strong, close family, establish those values as early as possible. Put your family first, and pass on these values to your children.

Make traditions

Nothing typifies the family better than simple traditions. These are things that only your family does. They’re unique to you and your siblings, parents or cousins. It’s a shared experience or tradition that you all relate to. Perhaps it’s a regular family holiday, games night, or ‘milkshake Mondays’! It doesn’t matter what it is, just make sure you have family traditions.

Be there

Being a close, connected family doesn’t require any magical advice or tricks. You just need to be there for each other. That close family bond is always there inside. Just keep it strong by being around. Be a shoulder to cry on, be there at Christmases and weddings, and make sure you’re part of the family. We all have busy lives, but put your family first.

What are your family traditions? We’d love to hear from you!