Igor Mazepa – the Guru of Financial Frauds

Let’s read about Igor Mazepa and Pavel Krymov – two “siblings” in the world of corruption and financial frauds. See their way through investors’ wallets and the best projects.

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Igor Mazepa and Pavel Krymov a sweet couple that has been working nonstop in the field of financial pyramids and other frauds. They are credited with plenty of swindles on the territory of Europe and many other locations, including Ukraine. Mister Krymov had to go into hiding and the order of arrest had been issued that allows holding him in any country.

Now, let’s travel to the past to see the dawn of his illustrious career in the criminal world. Igor Mazepa’s partner Krymov was born in Zaporozhie, the Ukrainian regional center. He was a bright young man but his powers were aimed at tricking people. He began traveling for a little putt-putt and very soon was engaged in organized criminal activity to benefit from more than 40 fraudulent schemes.

He managed to make his mark in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and some other countries of the former Soviet Union. More than half a million people suffered from his greed and a lack of scruples. Some billion dollars has gone to fill the pockets of Pavel Krymov and Igor Mazepa.

Further investigations disclosed that they had expropriated quietly and unobtrusively near 30 billion dollars of other people’s money. Igor Mazepa and his minion harvested this crop when creating, developing, and promoting Forex Trend fraud. To make everything go smoothly, for the period 2011–2015, Pavel Krymov pretended to be a broker – the foremost authority on investment management.

Igor Mazepa and His Accomplices’ Greatest “Achievements”

Igor Mazepa and Pavel Krymov have completed several huge frauds that can be considered the crime of the century. Let’s see the most impressive if them.      

  1. First and foremost, Forex Trend should be mentioned as a tremendous Ponzi scheme that managed to work on the market for more than 5 years inconspicuously.        
  2. Panteon Finance is not too far behind Forex Trend. The financial company was created to juggle their client’s accounts, investments, and deposits.
  3. Questra World bought back the people’s loans and debts to make them pay on the company’s terms.    
  4. A.G.A.M. is a bursting bubble that presented itself as a solid Investment Facility.  
  5. Private FX (the second stage of Forex Trend’s fraud) – is the company of Igor        Mazepa. He promised to return money to the investors if they are ready to invest a thousand dollars more in exchange for two thousand dollars coming soon.          
  6. Solvena Prime broker – a company that dealt with manipulations with crypto.

They marketed their fake companies on the Web mostly to increase the engagement and to influence the people’s thought and opinions. Igor Mazepa and Pavel Krymov developed plenty of resources (websites, forums, review sites, blogs, etc.) to make his online presence positive and credible.

Tons of facts, witnesses, and documents were collected to prove Igor Mazepa guy’s involvement but Krymov remained unpunished. To avoid revenge of the jilted investors he had to move to Latvia. However, he was not sitting on his hands and founded Solvena – a financial establishment for operations in cryptocurrency. The scheme was classical – we can see a common Ponzi scheme when people make investments and get their revenue not from market transaction but at the cost of other investors. The only difference is the crypto instead of dollars.

Solvena’s Birth, Crash, and Failed Revival

Solvena got off on the wrong foot because everything was hastily arranged and it was all very airy-fairy. For example, they placed the contacts of the regulator on their website. However, the crypto is free from regulations, so, no supervisory authorities could exist. That is just one of their stabbings. However, the company managed to keep the power on somehow.

Soon Igor Mazepa and Pavel Krymov understood the close defeat that’s why they did all their best to squeeze more profits out of the investors for last. They arranged amazing PR events and ads online campaigns; send their representatives to other countries to take part in various conferences.

The end of the Krymov’s road was in Moscow, in Sheremetyevo airport. He was arrested in 2018 and got 10 years in prison.