Fire Prevention: Spreading the Word, Not Smoke, To the Community

Word on Fire Prevention

Fire safety is a matter of concern for everyone in the community. Over 1,300,000 fires occurred in the United States in 2011. Almost half of the residential fires were caused by cooking accidents, and almost 13 percent were caused by heating sources. Fire Safety Week is celebrated in October in many towns and cities across the nation to remind residents that they can take proactive steps to prevent fires and can minimize damage when accidental fires occur.

Education on Fire Prevention Is Key

Fire safety does not simply happen. When a fire breaks out, it can spread to neighboring properties, endangering the property and lives of others. The consequences can go far beyond the initial point of origin. Individuals must become aware of their part in keeping themselves and other people safe through aggressive educational efforts that keep the issue in the foreground of their thoughts. These efforts have been instrumental in reducing the number of residential fires that affect communities across the nation.

Tips on Fire Prevention and Safety

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a number of steps to help prevent fires and fire injuries in the home and community:

  • Identify fire hazards, such as stored chemicals and cardboard, and discard them or put them in a fireproof cabinet.
  • Be careful with matches, lighters, stoves and barbecue grills. Keep flammable materials well away from these potential fire sources.
  • Purchase a home fire extinguisher and store it in the kitchen, garage or other area where it may be needed. Teach family members on the proper use of fire extinguishers so that they will be ready when the need arises.
  • Create an escape plan to get people out of your home or business if a fire starts. The plan should include at least two escape routes and a “meeting place” outside the structure where everyone can gather. Discuss the plan with all members of the family and all employees in your business
  • Remain calm if you find yourself in a fire. Get on your hands and knees and crawl to an exit to avoid smoke, which can be as deadly as the fire itself. Cover your nose and mouth with a cloth.
  • Install smoke alarms at various points in your home or business. Check the alarms monthly to ensure that they are working properly to protect you from fires.

Spreading the Word on Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Week offers a unique opportunity for businesses to help in this effort by using promotional items that reinforce fire safety messages. You can design your own fire safety reminder on a product that members of the community will use every day to keep prevention in the forefront of their thoughts. Promotional items are a great way to increase awareness of the issue of fire prevention in the community.

You can do your part to promote fire safety with promotional items that remind people of how important each individual’s actions are in preventing fires in their community. These reminders can make a significant difference in the rate of accidental fires in homes and businesses.

Stanley Thomason earns his living in marketing and promotion. He also likes to do volunteer work in his local community and likes to try and put his skills to good use when it comes to fundraising. Stanley also writes regularly on the subject of fundraising and marketing initiatives for a number of different websites.