Are Motorists Getting Incorrectly Charged With DUI Offenses?

DUI Offenses

Getting charged with a DUI offense is a significant issue. As you can imagine, it’s a charge that can have live-changing consequences. Plus, it can cause all kinds of problems both for those that get charged, and other people too.

DUI Offenses

Statistics show that there are fewer fatalities and casualties on the road. That’s a good thing, of course. But, some people still drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You might not think it, but there’s a worrying trend as far as DUI charges get concerned. Some people get a DUI when they shouldn’t!

So, why are more people getting a DUI charge in error?

Faulty test equipment

Perhaps the main reason is down to the equipment used by police officers. As you can appreciate, the machines they use on the field usually have a high degree of accuracy. But, as with any electronic measuring equipment, false readings can occur.

All machines that get used on the field by the police must have regular calibration tests. If they don’t pass them, the machines must get repaired or replaced. Each machine would usually get tested at the police station or by the manufacturer.

But, there are occasions when breathalyzers, for example, don’t work properly. Even after getting issued a calibration certificate! If someone gets a DUI charge, it’s crucial to hire a DUI attorney. That’s because they can cast reasonable doubt on the validity of the equipment used.

Incorrect usage

There have been reports where new police officers haven’t used measuring equipment properly. Just like with faulty equipment, false readings can happen if the machines don’t get set up well.

Police officers do get the right training on how to use such devices. But, some may forget to carry out certain checks, for instance, before using them.

Medication can affect BAC readings

BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Content. It’s a measure of how much alcohol you’ve got in your blood. You might not think it at first. But, it’s reasonable to assume that some medicines can react with alcohol.

They can do so in such a way that they intensify the effects of beer, wines and spirits. Many people sadly drink alcohol when they shouldn’t because of the medication they’re taking.

Carbonated Drinks

Believe it or not, carbonated drinks like soda and sparkling wine can also increase one’s BAC! Why? Because it can increase the rate of alcohol passing through your stomach. So, if you’ve had an alcoholic drink with cola, for instance, your BAC may be higher than it should.


Some people drink alcohol when they get stressed. The sad truth is even just one beer can raise your BAC too high if you’re feeling stressed.

How to avoid a false DUI charge

There are only two real options to remove a DUI charge against you. The first, and perhaps most obvious choice, is not to drink alcohol or take drugs before you drive. And the second is to hire a good DUI attorney.

A DUI charge is serious and should not be one that you defend alone. You need a proper legal counsel to try and fight the charge.