Heres How You Know When You’ve Made It


The business world is a frightening place. Few people ever make it in business, and those who do, often don’t recognise when they have things good. If you have been spending all your time trying to build your business then why not take a step back? When you’re busy doing anything but relaxing, it can be hard to realise that you have already made it big.

If you think, you may have made it then there are a few surefire ways to tell. Making it in the world of business is a fine art, and if you have managed it then you are doing better than 90% of the population. Here is how to know when you’re a huge success.

You Have More Than A Hundred Staff

The difference between a start-up and a bona fide business is staff. If you have got to the point where you need to take on more staff to expand then, you are on the right track. Having over a hundred staff members in your business means that you have made it. When you hire that many people then you are sure to be doing well. Having more staff usually correlates with having more office space. As your business empire expands, you will see a noticeable difference in your work-load and your bank balance.

You Have A Chauffeur

Successful businessmen don’t drive themselves around; they have a chauffeur to do that for them. The moment you have the money to hire a full-time chauffeur it is clear that you have made it big. Hiring a chauffeur is the ultimate in business class. Companies, such as, can let out full-time drivers for VIP business people. Showing up in a chauffeur-driven car will show people that you are something of a big deal. Driving up the road yourself in a Peugeot is a sign of business failure.

You Have A Butler

Every successful business person has a butler. From Alan Sugar to Richard Branson, all the people who are on top hire staff in their homes. If you can afford to hire a butler in your home, then it means that you are a huge success. When you don’t have the time for household duties, such as answering the door and taking phone calls, it means that you are busy. If you have too many business engagements to cope with then it means that you are doing well. Remember it is always better to have too much work, than not enough work.

You Have More Than One House

Everybody needs more than one house. If you have made a lot of money in your business then, there is nothing better than buying an extra home. A second home is a sign of luxury and class. All the top celebrities in the world have more than one house. Investing in a second property means that you are secure as a business person. Affording to outright buy a second home means that you are running a successful enterprise. Few people in the western world can afford two (or even more) homes. If you are one of the few who can invest in a range of properties, then you are ahead of the game in business.

You Rub Shoulders With Celebrities

When you are a success you don’t just become famous in the business world, you become famous in the real world too. Having made it means that you are friends with celebrities. At the least, you should have met the odd star or two at important networking events. At the most, you will be best friends with Johnny Depp. Either way, a sure sign that you are a success in your professional life is meeting up with people in the public eye. If your business is doing well then people will want to know you. Those people could be anyone from Brad Pitt to the Queen of England.