Bringing More Cash to Your Small Business


Money isn’t all you need and you can’t buy happiness with it. But you do need money and it can make you pretty darn happy. Especially when you’re running a small business! It’s not just your own pockets you need to fill with gold. You need to be able to get your employees’ pockets jingling too. (Unless that means you’re paying them with coins. Don’t do that.) You also need to think about business costs such as utilities and project resources. Long story short: a new way to get a cash injection should always be welcomed and investigated.


So if your small business is looking to get some extra cash, what should you do? Here are a few suggestions.


This solution, like any solution to the cash question, isn’t for everyone. But crowdfunding has proven to be spectacularly effective for the right company. Let’s say you’re working on a project that needs a bit more funding. You’re certain that people are going to love it, but behind-the-scenes investors don’t seem too keen. So why not show it to the people you’re convinced are going to love it and ask them to invest?

It worked for Double Fine, who were told by several publishers that the game they were developing would be of no interest to audiences. So they took it straight to the audiences and asked them to show their interest with investments. They required $400,000 to make the game. Within weeks, they’d raised $3.4 million.

Business loans

The more traditional solution to the problem is to get a loan. If you still want to keep your project under wraps, then showing prototypes to the public probably don’t be your desired way to get funds. Your best bet could be to look into getting a loan the old-fashioned way. Of course, you still need to convince a lender to give you the money. If your credit score is looking good, then you should be okay. Just be sure not to take out too much more than you think you need. You’re also going to need another revenue stream in order to pay off the loan gradually.

Remember that there are several types of loan you could look at as a small business. If you’re unsure what route to take, consult a company like Business Lender Match to get help in exploring your options.


A business partner can help in many ways. Most of the time, they’ll help provide the funding for a cut of the profit you receive. But they may also be able to provide other resources such as (hu)manpower and technology.

The key to striking up a partnership is to network effectively. You can’t just Google “business partnerships” and find one online, I’m afraid! Follow your admired business people on Twitter. Attend trade shows. Look for small business associations in your area. If you become friendly with the right people and find that they’re like-minded in business? Then you could be setting yourself up for the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (And, hopefully, a profitable one for both parties.)