The Adrafinil brain supplement has a mild effect on the central nervous system improving the cognitive ability of the brain. It is considered as the best-selling brain booster and is mostly preferred by students of schools and colleges. But the FDA prohibits the manufacture of this product for direct claims in many countries throughout the world. Users of this product experienced an energy boost when taken during the first hours of the day removing the necessity of taking a nap during mid-day. They feel more focused and concentrated on the tasks they do quashing any effects of nervousness, anxiety or irritation while boosting the mood. However, the effect of this supplement greatly varies according to the dosage intake level which is why it is generally preferred to consume in smaller doses initially. This product can be easily purchased online without the need for a medical prescription but adequate precautionary measures must be taken to distinguish between the original and the fake.

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Appropriate intake level to increase concentration levels

Be it any supplement, it is always recommended to follow the proper dosage guidelines by consulting a good healthcare physician or at least read the intake instruction given on the label of the container to avoid any severe side effects. The dosage recommendations vary from user to user, but there are some general dosage guidelines which can be followedto avoid any uncertainty about its effects on the body. The ideal and a safe dosage level of this supplement is between 150 and 300mg. However, students might opt for higher dosage levels in order to get increased benefits. But it is always safe to have a dosage intake of not more than 400mg; otherwise negative impacts and several health-related issues might occur. It is one of the most preferred supplements used by students for exams. It can be taken with any kind of juice or water and should be mostly preferred in the early hours of the day since taking this during the midday or in the evenings can cause problems of insomnia. Beginners should always start with lower doses and gradually move on to higher levels in order to get used to the minor side effects that it might have. It can also be taken occasionally on days when the job demands working for late nights or when stringent deadlines are to be met. In case of uncertainty proper recommended cycles can be followed.

The lasting effect of brain boosters and recommended safety measures

The lasting effect of this drug is dependent on the intake quantity of the consumer and the sensitivity of the body to this supplement. Usually the effects are felt within an hour after intake and lasts up to 4 hours. Being in the top priority list of supplements used by students for examns adequate safety measures must be exercised to prevent any side effects occurring from its use. This product is safe to avoid during pregnancy or breastfeeding or during intake of other medications unless approved by the doctor.

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