UK heading towards “Bad-Deal” by exiting European Union

According to the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, she would lay the groundwork for a split from the UK as the British government prepared to press ahead with the formal process of leaving the European Union.


According to her, it was clear that the UK was heading for a “bad deal” on Brexit, and planned to seek the legal authority next week to hold a new independence referendum before Britain leaves the EU.

Her decision to call for a new vote came as Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, was getting ready to invoke Article 50, which would set the UK on the road to splitting from the EU after two years of divorce talks.

May could begin the process as early as Tuesday if legislation passes its final hurdles in the UK parliament later Monday. But Sturgeon’s announcement on Monday and the looming Dutch election on Wednesday,¬†could push the timetable back. Sturgeon’s announcement casts a shadow over the UK government’s plan to begin the formal process of leaving the EU, which was thought likely to go ahead this week. Later on, Monday, both houses of the UK parliament vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill which, gives May permission to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which governs the relationships between EU member states.


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