President Trump’s Order face new challenge

President of United States of America’s executive order faced another challenge on Tuesday morning. He signed an executive order on 27 Jan. which carries laws to barred citizens of seven majority Muslims countries i-e Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen.
President Trump's Order face new challenge
This new executive order was backed by majority of Americans but on the other side, numerous protests were recorded by people in response of this order which created chaos at airports of United States of America where as it was also criticized by leaders of other countries. In defiance of this order, White House and President Trump several times said that, it’s just a move to make America great again in order of making it safer.
According to Reuters, in a Seattle federal courtroom, the state of Washington will attempt to probe the president’s motive in drafting his Jan. 27 order, while in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, judges will decide whether to reconsider an appeal in that same case decided last week. At a Seattle court hearing on Monday, Robart said he would move forward with discovery in the case, meaning the request and exchange of information pertinent to the case between the opposing parties.

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