President Trump called Media, “Enemy of American People”

President of United States of America accused media in his tweet by tweeting that, “Media – The enemy of American People”

President Trump called Media, Enemy of American People
This statement of him receives severe criticism across the United States. Senator John McCain, said that, this is how dictator get started. We can look back into history. I’m not calling President Donald Trump a dictator but we have to look back and learn from History. Free press is very much essential for the democracy, for individual liberties.
A free press is very important to maintaining democracy, and efforts on the part of a president to undermine and manipulate the press are very dangerous. U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, told the press, “The real danger is the president’s criticism of the media.”
All these comments came after the statement of President Donald Trump in which he accused the media bitterly. While addressing to Press Conference at White House President Trump repeatedly criticized news reports about disorder in the White House and leaks of his telephone conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

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