LA Gets Affordable Housing Boost

Los Angeles has been undergoing something of a crisis of late – if, of course, you don’t have much money. Rental rates have been shooting up, and the effects have been serious for low-paid workers. Some are having to leave areas they have lived in for many years.

But has a new scheme for the city kickstarted a new move towards more affordable housing? It needs it. According to statistics, almost four out of every five low-income workers spend more than half of their wage packets on rent and rates. Most in the city will have been pleased with the recent news of a new development by an unusual joint partnership.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has partnered with local housing developers. Their plan? To create affordable housing for its employees. Teachers, substitutes, maintenance workers and even bus drivers will all have the opportunity to move in. The development is hoped to help those workers who live in deprived areas make a fresh start – without the extortionate rents.

The new complex, built next door to the city’s Gardena High School, is made up of apartment blocks, with each able to hold one, two, or three people. It is currently full, and there are nearly 6,000 more people on the waiting list. It’s an astonishing figure, that, perhaps, tells more of a story of expensive rates, rather than the apartment complex itself.

However, there are signs that similar opportunities are being developed across the country. For example, news from Elmira, New York, states that there are bold plans for a similar complex for seniors. The designers of the development hope to provide 43 one-bedroom apartments for seniors, and seven units for couples. There will also be ten units for physically challenged people with special requirements. Also in the plans are an exercise room, management office, a community kitchen and a computer room.

It’s much needed, and more will need to be done throughout the country to satisfy demand. Or, the US could well sleepwalk straight into something of a crisis. There are certain states that are more affordable than others, according to this report in Business Insider. They include South Carolina, Michigan, and Missouri. Interestingly, a quick check of civil engineers in Missouri might reveal why. Head over to the Cochran Engineering firm website and you will see a commitment to providing value and low cost of ownership for their clients. Perhaps more developers around the country could follow suit.

When you think of the type of events that are regularly occurring at the moment, it’s easy to see why this is so important. Only last month, a wildfire destroyed hundreds of homes in California. And, there is currently a growing trend for eviction from mobile homes – often seen as the ultimate in low-cost. However, unscrupulous landlords are selling their land to developers at an alarming rate. With almost 8.5 million Americans living in trailer parks, it’s another time bomb ticking away in the background.

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