What to expect and do when going on an adventurous Fraser Island tour

There are many scenic and beautiful countries, and Australia is one such spectacular place to visit. There is something mystical and enchanting about Australia that few laces have. People living in colder climates love to travel to Australia due to its pleasant weather, but tourist flock in this beautiful country all year round due to its incredible natural scenery and serene destination spots.

Australia is famous for dozens of things from the Great Barrier Reef to The Ayers Rock to the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and on top it the most diverse wildlife which is not found anywhere else in the world. Kangaroos and Koala bears are two of the most iconic animals in Australia. The main and popular cities are mostly situated on the east coast, such as Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, but there are other famous cities on the west coast, too, such as Perth and Albany.

The east coast is favorite not among the international tourist but for local travelers too. The eastern side is home to some of the most awe-inspiring beaches and other natural places that are best for passionate travelers. The east coast has a distinctive feature that not many places in the world have, and that is miles and miles of sand along the coast which are like paradise for four-wheel enthusiasts. You travel in your vehicle and make tracks that are again covered by sand blown by winds. The ever changing landscape of the islands will simply make you feel by the beauty that surrounds you.

Fraser Island is one of the most popular places on the east coast, which stretches over 120 km and makes it the world’s largest sand island. Fraser Island is located off the southeastern side of Queensland, and it is about 250 km north of Brisbane, which is the capital of the state. In 1992, the island became part of the World Heritage Site and was full of thick rainforests, crystal clear waters, coastal heaths, freshwater lakes, and amazing wildlife. Fraser Island is listed in the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and offers one of the best adventure tours with mesmerizing natural landscapes and wilderness.

You will love the moment you step in Fraser Island, and there is something mystical about the place that you will instantly feel. The best part of your trip to the island would be driving in the sand filled paths and making your paths. The sand is quite thick that a normal sedan would not be good enough to drive. You would need a strong 4-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle to wade through the island. There are many transportation companies that can provide you with a proper vehicle that you can take and go for a fun-filled ride with your group of family or friends. You also have an option to travel with a group if you are traveling alone but you would be tied with the group and cannot explore the island with complete freedom. If you travel alone, you can take in the breathtaking beauty of the island at your own pace.

There are two ways to go to Fraser Island; many of the travelers take the Manta Ray barge that runs from Inskip Point to the southern tip of the island. It is a 10-minute journey and operates daily from 6 A.M to 5-3 P.M. The second option, apart from flying in a small aircraft is taking the Fraser Island barge, which runs from River Heads to Wanggoolba Creek and Kingfisher Bay Resort, but it runs less frequently.

There are many shops and convenience stores on Fraser Island along the Eurong beach that sell everyday supplies,but you can pack and bring your own food, drinks, and medical supplies. The island has only few well-built resorts and hotels such as EurongBeach Resort, Happy Valley, and Kingfisher Bay Resort. There are also camping facilities for those who love to settle in the open and do campfires.

Many of the tourists and local visitors usually explore Fraser Island in their 4WD in the day and return to their resort or campsite at night. The popular activities include taking a dip in the crystal blue waters of Lake McKenzie and floating down in the splendid turquoise Eli Creek. There are plenty of places where you can take memorable photos such as wreck of SS Maheno, and the colored sand cliffs called the Pinnacles. If you are staying at the EurongBeach Resort then you will be few steps from 75 Mile Beach and get a chance to see one of the most spectacular sunrises of your life.

You will get to see the stunning beauty of the island during the day and walk in the thick rainforest. You will also be allowed to take a swim in Lake McKenzie and enjoy delicious Australian lunch. The tour is conducted in specially designed and developed 4WD that can take 25 guests.

The 75 Mile Beach is the main National Highway of Fraser Island along the long stretch of beach. The ocean roars as the waves come and goes, and you would want to know about the high and low tides before venturing on the beach on your own vehicle. You will see tracks of other 4WD vehicles and even the vehicles up and down the beachfront. You will also get a chance to see numerous tourists, joy flights coming and going, and even Dingos, the Australian wild dogs roaming on the island. You can also have the joy to see huge humpback whales breaching near the coast of the island.

The one popular stops on your Fraser Island tour would be Eli Creek where the water is so pure that you can easily see way below the surface of the water. Eli Creek is famous for swimming, tubing, and wading. The Maheno shipwreck is also along the 75 Mile Beach which is a luxury liner that got washed ashore due to a powerful cyclone. You will also feel excited to see the colored rocks called the Pinnacles. The unique thing that you will thrill to take your foot on is the joy flight with Air Fraser Island; you will get breathtaking aerial views of the complete island and fly over the dunes and vast expanses of ocean waters. It is a 15-minute flight, and make sure to have your camera ready to take memorable pictures of your trip.

Brett Clarke is an avid traveler and also serves as a guide for tourists coming to Australia. He is an expert when it comes to giving the best Fraser Island tour. He has explored the island in detail and knows all the serene and picturesque places on the island.