Personal Submarine: Is This The World’s Coolest Hotel Perk?

The newest perk at Laucala Island resort easily makes it onto our list of most outrageous hotel amenities.As of October, the private island property in Fiji became the world’s first resort to include a ride in its own submarine — a futuristic two-seater called DeepFlight Super Falcon — as part of its all-inclusive package.

Previously, an hour-long ride in the submarine cost $2,000 per person.

DeepFlight Super Falcon is a winged micro-submersible with 360-degree viewing capability through acrylic domes.

It can operate as deep as 1,500 feet.

The unique winged technology allows the submarine to “fly” underwater like a sea creature.

James Bond experience

The sub’s designer, Graham Hawkes, is known for building extravagant personal submersibles.

Hawkes’ earlier designs include submersibles seen in the James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only,” and James Cameron’s “Aliens of the Deep.”

DeepFlight Super Falcons cost about $1.7 million apiece.

Laucala Island owner and Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz is a privileged owner, along with Richard Branson and Tom Perkins of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers venture capital fame.

The dive

Laucala Island guests can expect a dive to depths of 40 to 60 feet into the sea.

The hour-long trip takes one guest at a time (along with a pilot) from the island’s main beach to the “Black Rock” section of the island’s inner reef.

Scorpion fish, clown fish, turtles and leopard sharks are some of the marine fauna guests might see during the ride.

Apart from abundant coral reefs and marine life, the 25-villa resort sits on an exclusive 3,500-acre Pacific island known for a diverse landscape — volcanic mountains, tropical rainforest, beaches and mangroves.

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