A luxury weekend in Doha

Doha in Qatar is the perfect place for a charming Middle Eastern trip. It is a fabulous city full of souqs with scores of interesting merchandise, sheesha cafes and authentic food joints. The city emanates a rich cultural vibe that you just can’t afford to miss out on. If you are heading for a trip to enchanting Doha over the weekend to explore it, here are a few places you can visit.


Drive to the Heritage Village

Just like a lot of attractions, the Doha Heritage Village is situated near the Corniche. Upon leaving their hotel, travelers have been known to rent a car and take a luxurious drive to the skanzen. It is quite similar to a conventional Qatari village and is idyllic for a day tour. The place acts as a cultural center as it hosts a lot of festivals and tourists can delight in the view of a dhow (that is an authentic boat). Intricately woven items and pearl trading is what this place is famous for.

Take in the Sheesha Experience

After a trip to the Heritage village, the perfect place to head to on a hot afternoon would be a sheesha café. When in the Middle East, visiting such a café can be a unique experience. Sheesha cafes are where you can spend a few relaxed hours smoking hookah. Most cafes house fruit-flavored tobacco that you can try to indulge yourself with the typical Middle Eastern experience.

Quite a few popular sheesha cafes lie along the Corniche among which Ras-Naswa is much frequented by tourists and locals alike. The food joint serves up some fabulous and authentic Middle Eastern fare as well.

Indulge yourself with Shopping at the Souqs

Even though Doha has its fair share of malls and shopping center, some of the most intriguing shopping experiences await travelers in the souqs of the city. Souq Waqif in the neighborhood of the Corniche is an Iranian Souq where you can find interesting items like falcons being sold and even procure a few curios at a bargain. The Omani Souq is also a market that you can drive to if you wish to try and buy some Middle Eastern spices, incense or even woven baskets. Although, a lot of shoppers make a beeline for the Gold Souq, as it is the ideal place to acquire gold and various kinds of jewelry.

Visiting these places lets you capture the true essence of the city on your vacation and have a great time at the same time.

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