4 Tips for Planning a Trip to Africa

Sometimes Africa is connected with negative imagery such as starving children, conflicts and disease. In some areas, sadly this is the case, but in a lot of areas, it isn’t. Europeans are traveling to Africa in large amounts each year. Would you want to go? There is such a vast, varied culture, with over 50 countries to choose from. Varying climates and a huge variety of things to do. There is a large tourism infrastructure in place and a variety of even five-star hotels.

It shouldn’t be daunting for you. But if you are thinking of planning a trip, here are some suggestions for you, to make it the best trip ever.

1) Choose Wisely

As has just been mentioned, there are over 50 countries in Africa that you could choose to go to. Do you fancy a Safari? Or more of a relaxing beach holiday? What type of trip you choose will most likely determine the location.

An important factor next is to look at which areas do have active conflict. Sadly, there are parts that still do. These would be best to avoid. Do your research and that will help you feel confident about your chosen destination. A website like Nigeria News Online could keep you up to date.

2) Take Time

If you are traveling from Europe, it is a bit of a trek to get there. The best advice is to allow around two weeks to explore. One week just wouldn’t do it justice! You don’t want to get home and regret not visiting certain sights or doing certain things.

Along these lines, there is also the time difference factor. You want your body to adjust to the time difference so that you can fully enjoy the experience. This will take a couple of days – depending on how disciplined you are!

3) Know the African Customs & Rules

In many African countries, the women dress pretty conservatively. This is something to think about when packing. You don’t want to attract negative attention or be shown to be disrespectful. It might sound hard when it is really hot outside, but it is better to be safe than sorry. When you know your destination, you could look up their tourism office to find out about any other customs or rules that you should look out for.

4) Plan Your Trip around Weather

What time of year would you want to go? The weather, though hot almost all year round, can be varied. There is a rainy season that is May to October and it can mean flash flooding. It can also mean that some Safari parks and ranges close. You don’t want to be going on a safari and then not be able to have the full experience due to the rain. Other months can be really hot though so you might want to choose slightly cooler temperatures for a desert trekking trip.

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful and given you some insight into Africa. Good luck with planning your trip!

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