GTA fans, the wait for the next instalment of the series is over…

At least, wait for official word on the next instalment is over. Semi-official word, that is. Yeah, that might have cooled down your excitement a bit, but this is already much more than all the wild rumors that have been keeping the less reputable echelons of the gaming journalism sphere churning out GTA related “news” articles seemingly every day.


So what separates this from all those click-bait rumors? The source. This news isn’t coming from no-name sites or anonymous forum posts, but from TechRadar, one of the most popular and reputable technology news sites operating today. When you’ve got a name like that to uphold, you’re not going to jeopardize it by posting a risky article like theirs without checking and double checking your sources.

TechRadar has an inside-man working for Rockstar North, who revealed to them some abandoned game concepts, as well as the current state for the next instalment of the GTA franchise. Let’s get the news you’re all wanting to hear out of the way first: the development of GTA 6 has begun. It’s preliminary if the source is to be believed – so preliminary that the developers haven’t decided on a location yet.

While we can expect Rockstar to finally show it’s face at E3, breaking their trend of not conforming to the press-standards of the industry, don’t expect them to win the expo with a stunning trailer of GTA 6. If the city hasn’t been decided yet, the we can hope for is official confirmation that they’re working on it. According to GTA 5 Cheats, Rockstar is likely to keep with the long development cycle to ensure that the next game is enough of a hit as GTA V was, with it’s 5+ years in development.

However, that isn’t all that the source has spilled to TechRadar. It seems the GTA franchise was close to leaving the fictional version of the United States, and not just once. Two other cities, in two different countries, were considered and eventually canned.

The first and more serious of the two considered was Tokyo. Rockstar usually visits the city in question for a new GTA game to get a feel for the terrain, the people and the streets. After the visit to the city, early on in development, the company decided to can the idea. There was always a chance that they would revive the concept, however since the release of Sleeping Dogs has set a GTA-esque game in Asia, they might keep away just to differentiate the two franchises from one another.


The second foreign city considered was Bogota, Colombia. This city didn’t even get as far as being visited by Rockstar before the idea being shelved, likely for the same reason as Tokyo and really every other non-American city since London and Manchester in the two British expansions of the very first GTA game.

GTA has established itself as a satirical game spoofing modern American society. Many of the running-jokes, the invented fantasy brands, the locations, the recurring characters, the easter eggs – pretty much everything that makes GTA, well, GTA would be lost if the franchise moved to another country. GTA games have a pretty dark sense of humor, but that isn’t their staple – you can do dark humor in any setting. It’s the joke-criticism of society by depicting pretty much exclusively bad American stereotypes as characters, typical American marketing techniques in their joke adverts and so on which has given the franchise the immediately recognizable personality it has.

There have been innumerable GTA-clones over the years, however you could always recognise a GTA game from a single screenshot. It has become that iconic.

Taking a look at the various online forums dedicated to GTA, you’ll see a large portion of fans asking for a GTA game set in non-American cities despite this fact. Rockstar has been pretty good with listening to fan requests over the years, but this one will be avoided regardless of how many voices cry up in unison. The unfortunate reality is that the only chance we have to play GTA in a non-American city is the previously mentioned London expansion for classic GTA.

It’s not all bad, however, as there are plenty of cities in the US with colorful histories, varied land and cityscapes and unique landmarks. We can all agree that Liberty City and Vice City felt entirely distinct from one another, right? Just like the three cities in San Andreas were each unique. Even the two version of Los Santos are fresh and different, and they’re the same city. Rockstar knows how to give their maps character and there is no shortage of cities to choose from.

you prefer to see an all new location in the GTA-verse?

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