Elon Musk Plans to Create ‘TruthGPT’ AI and Advocates for AI Regulation

Elon Musk Plans to Create 'TruthGPT' AI and Advocates for AI Regulation

Billionaire entrepreneur and owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, is warning of the dangers of artificial intelligence to humanity and is planning to create his own AI chatbot, ‘TruthGPT,’ to counter the perceived liberal bias of popular AI chatbot ChatGPT. Musk described his creation as a “maximum truth-seeking AI that tries to understand the nature of the universe.” He believes that an AI that wants to understand humanity is less likely to destroy it.

In an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Musk also advocated for the regulation of artificial intelligence, saying he’s a “big fan.” He believes that AI is more dangerous than cars or rockets and has the potential to destroy humanity. This comes after Musk incorporated a new business called X.AI Corp, listing himself as its director, which reportedly focuses on AI.

Musk was an early investor in OpenAI, the startup behind ChatGPT, but resigned from the board in 2018 due to differences of opinion with OpenAI’s leaders and the potential conflict of interest with Tesla’s work on building automated driving systems. Musk has also expressed concerns over the quality of Tesla’s AI systems after a fatal crash involving a Tesla suspected of using an automated driving system in California.

While Musk has praised ChatGPT in the past, he has also highlighted examples that he says show left-wing bias or censorship. Like other chatbots, ChatGPT has filters to prevent it from spewing out toxic or offensive answers. Musk’s plan to create his own AI chatbot could lead to further competition in the AI industry, with potential implications for the development and regulation of AI.