Running a Background Check on a Date or Partner

Technology has made a once very difficult task of running a background check on someone much easier then it was years ago.  This holds true now when wanting to check out someone’s criminal background on a potential date or partner.  Now, with major technology advancements you can check on someone almost anywhere if you have an internet connection from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Before you meet a new date or possible do business with someone for the first time it may be a good idea to run a criminal background check on them.  These types of records when available are public data and can alert you to the type of problems you could possible face.

Business Partners

Doing business with someone new and you’re not sure about the person your dealing with? Well running a public criminal record check could help in making that decision smarter.  Running a background check is only one piece of the puzzle in doing your homework about whether you should procced doing business with someone.  If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, it is probably not.

Love Interest

With todays dating scene moving online with major websites like Tinder and eHarmony meeting someone in a virtual world is almost a guarantee.  With that said you should take this time to research someone before meeting up with them in person to see if they checkout first.  All you need is a first and last name.

Always Follow Your Gut

If you are suspicious that there could be something off or your partner or date is hiding something from you, then running a background check could lead you to more answers.  Is it possible that your date or partner has a current arrest record?  These reports may show you this and more.

Protecting Yourself and Family

Running a public record search has become so easy that there should not be any hesitation to run one on a potential partner or date.  The data provided within these reports could shed light on any issues alerting you to say safe.  When available these arrest records may show:

  • Criminal records
  • Arrest Warrants
  • DUI records
  • Marriage and Divorce records
  • Contact information and much more

Should you Run a Background Check?

The answer to this question is what could you lose if you do not run a public background search?  If your referring to a business partner you could stand to lose financially among other things that can come along with doing business with someone who isn’t reputable, like your reputation in your field or possibly something worse.

If your starting out in the dating world your wellbeing is what’smost important and running a public background check should be one of the first things you do.  You never know who your dealing with in the beginning of relationships, that goes for business and love interest partners.  When in doubt, always opt to run a background check, you could learn a lot about someone.

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