How to Store Your Brand New and Expensive Chandelier

We all know how beautiful a chandelier is, especially when the light hits the crystal and it reflects throughout your dining room. Packing up and storing your chandelier may seem like a difficult process or one that you do not want to even think about. You may be thinking that a stored chandelier equals a broken chandelier, but that is not the case. In fact, if you store your chandelier properly in your storage area, you will find it in the same condition you left it in.

Start with the Removable Parts

Every chandelier will have some removeable parts to it and you need to focus on these parts first. These parts come off because they are designed to make the process of cleaning the chandelier easier.

You should start by removing any and all lightbulbs, glass, embellishments, or any other pieces that may come off. Each one of these pieces should then be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them. If you happen to have strings of crystals that drape over the chandelier, you can carefully remove them and roll them up and secure them with tape, as this will prevent tangles.

Find a Box

Now it is time to find a box for your chandelier. You do not want a box that fits the chandelier perfectly nor do you want one that is too big either. You should find a box that has a little bit of room on each side of the chandelier to give it some room. This additional room will be filled up, so do not panic if the chandelier moves a little at this point.

Secure the Framework and Add Protection to the Box

You should secure the framework of the chandelier and wrap it in bubble wrap when possible. Once the framework is secure, place it inside of the box and then fill in the void with some packing peanuts or another type of cushion that will protect the chandelier.

Move the Box Carefully

Before you pick up the box, make sure that it is sealed on all sides, so that the chandelier does not fall out of it. You should then write fragile and chandelier on the box, so that there is no confusion about what is in the box or where the chandelier went. Once you have written on the box, you can then move it carefully to your vehicle or the moving truck to head to the storage unit. You should secure the box in place inside of the moving truck to prevent any spills or sliding around.

Place Securely in Storage

Now that you have arrived at your storage area, place the box carefully inside and make sure all of the components to the chandelier are packed and stored nearby. You should avoid placing the chandelier on top of an item that may fall down and do not place heavy objects on top of the chandelier box.

Your chandelier should be stored properly to ensure it is protected in your storage unit. Before you simply put the chandelier in storage though, make sure you pack it correctly to prevent any damage to it.

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