As The Summer Approaches, Police Warn Homeowners About Burglary Risk


With the summer fast approaching, homeowners are being reminded that they are now at increased risk of theft. Something that is common, as more and more people leave their windows open, for example, police are advising homeowners to take the steps needed, to keep their home and the belongings inside safe.

Open Windows are Risk

Alluded to earlier open windows are one of the biggest risk factors that predispose a home to being burgled.

As a result of the increased risks, homeowners are being told that they should take some extra steps in order to protect their home. Closing the windows might be a good idea for the short term yet if a home is to be left alone for an extended period, other measures might need a review.

Investments Need to be Made

The measures taken will depend on how much a homeowner can afford yet investments such as a burglar alarm are one of the many options being discussed. Such investments will deter would be burglars from entering the property, as there is an increased chance of them being caught. In addition to this, homeowners are also being encouraged to invest in a CCTV system that can help trace burglars should they take a chance regardless.

Holidaying Homeowners at Greater Risk

Homeowners who are about to go on holiday might benefit by taking some additional steps in order to safeguard their belongings. Such steps might involve storing valuable goods in a safe or at a location that is not going to be unguarded. Such locations might include a bank vault or maybe just a friends house.

Those looking to travel are also being advised to keep their travel plans discreet, as there are many people who might use social media to tell the world of their travel arrangements. Such social media postings have the capacity to notify would be criminals, as to when a property is going to be vacant.

Garden Equipment Must be Hidden

In addition to this, homeowners who have a garden are being told to secure their garden equipment in the best possible way. Garden equipment is easy to steal and at times may even be used to gain entry into the house to which the garden belongs. Keeping garden equipment out of sight, and outreach is as important as ever, therefore, during the summer months.

Police Hope That Education Can Cause a Reduction in Crime

The police have a number of different options when it comes to doing whatever they can in order to educate the general public. Whether it is encouraging the estate agents in Leigh on Sea to speak to first time homeowners, or producing educational leaflets to educate Leigh on Sea residents, the options are many. In the meantime, there are hopes that by increasing awareness on the issue of burglary, crime rates can be reduced as more and more people can take preemptive action against the threat.

In any case, there are hopes that as the general public become more educated, summer crime rates can fall to lower levels. Hopefully, by implementing the advice provided homeowners can prevent themselves from becoming just another statistic.