Teach Your Teens: How to Protect Your Teen While Driving

Getting a driver’s license and heading out on the open road is something that most teens anxiously wait for and something most parents dread. Even if your child is a decent driver, you still have to worry about all the other people on the road and how their one mistake or mishap can cause an accident that your child is involved in. After all, accidents and road deaths are on the rise, and you don’t want your teen to become a statistic.

Although your teen has gone through driver’s education classes and practiced driving for hours on end, there are still a few steps you as a parent can do to ensure your teen is safe while driving.

Put the phone down.

Cell phones are a major distraction while driving, and it’s very important that your child never uses his or her phone when they are behind the wheel of the car. There are apps out there that you can install on your child’s phone which will disable their phone from being used when the car is on. DriveSafe.ly is one of the best options out there. This app will read your text messages out loud so that your child won’t check their phone. They can also respond without touching the phone too.

There are other options too, such as setting your child’s phone to default message that says “Call you back. I’m driving” if they receive a phone call while behind the wheel. For your own added peace of mind, you can also teach your child to put their phone in the glove box until they arrive at their destination.

Limit the number of people they can drive.

Some states have already put laws into place that limit the age and number of passengers a teen driver can have in their car. If your state hasn’t done this, then you can do it for your own teen. In order to reduce the amount of distractions your teen may have when behind the wheel, limit the amount of passengers. This way, they will only be allowed to drive so many people, which can help them better focus on the road instead of what their passengers are doing.

Provide them with the right information.

In case your child is ever in an accident, you want to make sure they are prepared. Make sure your child always carries his/her insurance card and knows the name of your insurance agent. You should also make sure your child knows what to do if they are in a car accident, such as who to call and what information to collect.

If you have a personal injury lawyer on retainer, then you may want to give your child this information as well. If the accident was pretty severe, or if your child is injured because of the crash, having a personal injury lawyer can help ensure that responsibility is delegated accurately. This can help ensure medical costs are covered and that the right insurance agency is covering any damage.


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