3 Addictive Things That Are Bad For Our Health


Addiction is a serious health problem that many people face all over the world. But, what are some of the most addictive things, and how bad are they for our health? I did some research and found out the answers to these questions:


Loads of people will campaign against the legalization of certain drugs because they’re addictive. However, it’s very rare that people are in an uproar about the legalization of alcohol. Sure, there are age restrictions, but it’s still readily available in shops and at bars. The fact is, alcohol is one of the most highly addictive things in the world. It’s shockingly easy to get addicted to it and build up a dependency on the stuff. It’s no coincidence that the top alcohol treatment centers up and down the country are always full. Many people get addicted to drinking the stuff, and it’s a very serious issue.

But, why? Why is it such a serious issue? Well, it’s serious because alcohol is very bad for your health. Drinking too much wine, vodka or beer can lead to many health issues. The most common of which are liver damage and heart disease. If you regularly drink over the recommended amount, you’re in danger of having liver failure. Similarly, your chances of suffering a heart attack will increase. Should there be stricter rules when it comes to the sale of alcohol? In my opinion, it’s certainly highly addictive and just as dangerous as certain other drugs out there.


Nicotine is the addictive substance found in cigarettes. It’s the sole reason so many people are hooked on smoking. This substance is so addictive because it gives you a mild stimulant when you absorb it. That’s why a lot of people feel relaxed when they smoke. Obviously, this is a good feeling, so you crave it more and more. It’s easy for people to become dependent on this substance, fast. Which explains why large quantities of people are battling cigarette addiction worldwide.

There’s an almost endless list of harmful things nicotine will do to your body. Like every addictive substance, it will alter your brain and change the way you think. But, it can also increase blood pressure and raise the risks of contracting heart problems. There’s also evidence to suggest it can cause reproductive issues, as well as weakened bones.


The final thing on this list may catch you by surprise. However, you can’t argue that caffeine isn’t an addictive substance. It may not seem as serious as the other two, but people can still become addicted to it. You find it in common things like soft drinks, coffee, and energy bars. Many people get addicted to it all year round.

What are the health dangers of caffeine? Firstly, it can cause headaches and migraines if ingested too often. Also, it can leave you on edge and feel nervous and twitchy. As well as leading to issues like insomnia. You shouldn’t underestimate how bad caffeine can be when you take too much of it.

These three substances are highly addictive, and many people suffer health problems as a result of them. To keep yourself safe and healthy, be wary of these things.