Revealed: The Top 9 Reasons Why We Have Auto Accidents

The sad truth about driving is that auto accidents have become part of life on the road. Because the population increases each year, more people are driving everywhere. And because there are more motorists, the risk of having a collision gets higher as time goes on.

While that might sound like a set of depressing facts, drivers have the power to lower accident risks. Did you know that people often have crashes because of something they unknowingly do?

Here is a selection of examples that show why Americans have auto accidents each year. Make sure you don’t do any of the following:

  1. Texting

These days most of us have smartphones. They are brilliant little devices and are more like handheld computers than cell phones! In a car, mobiles can be dangerous. I’ve lost count of the amount of people texting while driving!

Yes, it does happen. What’s worse is people have to spend more time looking at their smartphones to text. That’s because today’s modern devices only have touchscreen displays.

  1. Adjusting stereo controls

We all like to listen to some music when we’re driving. Some of us like fast-paced music, while others prefer something with a slower tempo. The stereo systems in today’s cars incorporate a raft of features.

From Bluetooth to Sirius XM satellite radio, they aren’t just CD players anymore. Many of us tend to switch stations or adjust music settings while we drive.

  1. Poor state of repair

Sometimes you will come across the odd lemon on the road. You know the ones I mean. Vehicles that have missing bumpers or exterior trim. Ones with holes in the muffler that make cars sound like tanks. The sad truth is a lot of folks can’t afford to repair their vehicles.

They’ll still keep driving them around. If a car has a bald tire, for instance, the vehicle will take longer to stop in an emergency. And it’ll provide almost no grip on the road during wet weather.

  1. Fatigue

Tiredness is a leading cause of collisions, according to a prominent auto accident attorney. People seldom have a good night’s sleep, especially if they work long hours each day.

They end up going into a sort of “autopilot” when they’re driving. That can make their reaction times on the road slower.

  1. Poor concentration

Another issue that causes auto accidents on American roads is when drivers lose focus. Poor concentration can happen in many ways. One example is not looking at a blind spot when backing up. Another is merging into another lane on the road without indicating.

When you sit behind the wheel, you’re in charge of a powerful yet dangerous machine. It’s crucial that you pay full attention to what you’re doing on the road. Otherwise, you end up increasing your risk of causing an auto accident.

  1. Speeding

Now here is a leading cause of accidents on the road that you’ll find in any country, not just in the U.S.

Speeding is something that I can guarantee everyone has done in their lifetime. Yes, some may have done so by accident. But, others may speed on a regular basis just because they can. The faster you hit someone, the higher the chance you have of killing them.

  1. Doing illegal maneuvers

Driving through a red light and running stop signs are just two illegal things many motorists. They think such actions can save them time on their journey. Especially if a cursory check reveals no other vehicles in the area.

As you know, vehicles can approach from anywhere without warning. Such maneuvers are dangerous and can even land you jail time!

  1. The weather

I don’t know why, but some folks think they can drive like speed demon in adverse weather conditions! When there is heavy rain, fog or snow, you need to slow down.

Just because you drive a modern car doesn’t mean it is invincible! Plus, it’s likely you won’t know how to control your vehicle if you start sliding around.

  1. Alcohol and drug use

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a bad idea! You should never do it, even if you feel like you are in control. Your reactions will slow down, and you’ll make bad decisions on the road.

Many people lose their lives on the road each year because of people that have drunk or taken drugs and then drove. If you’ve had a few beers or even just a “joint” get someone else to drive for you.

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