Lawyering Up: Choose a Car Accident Attorney Based on the Following Set of Criteria

When you’ve had a car accident getting paid for the damages caused not only to your property, but also to your person, can be something of a challenge. To make sure you get paid all that you are owed, you will need to hire a car accident attorney. Choosing the right one can be made a lot easier if you follow a specific set of criteria. We’ve made these criteria easy to remember using the acronym PRE.


Before choosing an attorney, take a closer look at his or her practice. To begin with, the location of the attorney’s practice must be licensed within the state and region where the accident took place. The practice of the attorney needs to be focused in the specialized area of personal injury or law relating to car accidents. This is important because attorneys focused in these areas are better equipped to accomplish the objective of getting all that you are owed for the damages incurred by your car accident.

Choose an attorney whose Practice specializes in car accident cases.


Choosing an attorney who has a positive reputation in your community or the community where your accident took place is also important when it comes to receiving a positive settlement. Judges, juries and other attorneys tend to favor those attorneys who have a reputable practice. Besides contacting referrals, it is good to take a look into whether or not the attorney you are considering has any negative reports in his or her disciplinary record, including being suspended or disbarred.

Choose an attorney who has a solid Reputation in the community where your accident took place. For more information related to this topic consult


It is rather obvious to most people that choosing an attorney with plenty of experience provides you with a better chance of winning your case. When looking at experience, consider the number of years the attorney you are considering has been practicing as well as how much trial experience he has. Though most cases will be settled out of court, you want to hire someone who is not afraid of taking the case to trial if necessary.

Attached to the question of trial experience it is also good to know the winning record of the attorney you are considering. You want an attorney who wins his cases when they go to trial because those who lose cases tend to commit errors when it comes to filing, interviewing witnesses, not following up on directives given by judges or by not properly responding to opposing counsel.

Choose an attorney with years of Experience winning cases just like yours.


If you have been injured in a car accident and want to collect all of the damages that you are owed, you need to select the right attorney to represent you. When choosing a car accident attorney, you need to make your choice using the right criteria. Those criteria are easy to remember using PRE: practice, reputation and experience.

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