The documents with charges of billions of hryvnias money-laundering of the “family” of the ex-president Yanukovych were handed over by the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office to the partners of the Ukrainian millionaire Sergei Kurchenko. These individuals are: Boris Lozhkin who previously took up a post of the head of the Presidential Administration, a scandal director of National Bank Valeria Gontareva, the associate of ICU investment corporation that copes with Poroshenko’s assets Makar Paseniuk as well as well-known deputy Oleksii Filatov.

The Ukrainian news publication Vesti regarding Forum Daily says that overall 98 people got the official documentaries, together with 12 high-ranking government officials and six directors of regional state administrations along with Boris Lozhkin all over Ukraine.

The report says: “According to the documents in the editorial office, the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office at last has concluded the investigation of the lawbreaking of the runaway businessman Sergey Kurchenko. It is worth mentioning that he was Yanukovych entourage and now he is accused of a vast thievery: to be more precise, he forged papers and committed numerous financial criminal deceptions at “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, “Ukrnafta” and “Ukrgazvidobuvanniya”. Furthermore, he managed to steel liquefied gas and over 2 billion hryvnias. Kurchenko was charged with siphoning off 5 billion hryvnias which is 625 million dollars.

The US website Forum daily reports that together with Boris Lozhkin and his allies, the disreputable former minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Nikolay Zlochevsky also was suspected of the investigation of the wheeler-dealer finance of the associates of the current head of state Petro Poroshenko. He is accused in promoting illegal organization and the laundering of a vast amount of money which is $36 million, and the unlawful money transactions.

Nevertheless, even more scandalous are the fiscal abuses committed by the entourage of the current leader of a country Poroshenko. These people along with Boris Lozhkin fell under suspicion of the PGO investigators. Recently, the PGO harbor the suspicion that above-mentioned people supported illegal trade-based money laundering and its legalization. That happened either before or after the Revolution of Dignity.

As Forum Daily publication says that Boris Lozhkin ,Valeria Gontareva accompanied by the ICU chief manager Konstantin Stetsenko got a fraud charge with supporting an illegal organization and acquisition of the property in under the counter. They managed to defalcate 2.069 billion hryvnias. They managed to sign fake agreement with Brokbusinessbank and committed sale-purchase operations with government bonds in a domestic loan and Agrarian Fund.

One more charge was served to Boris Lozhkin and Oleksii Filatov. They are accused in legalizing funds in an amount of 440 million dollars by means of property sale-purchase operations and corporations of property rights of Ukrainian Media Holding. It is sufficient to say that the current president of Ukraine was a co-owner of this company at that time.

The UNIAN is trying now to contact the PGO and the accused state officials to receive an official commentary.

The prosecutor Kostiantyn Kulyk confirmed the information about the fraud charge against the high-ranking officials.

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