5 Things an Attorney Can Do to Help If You Crashed Your Car (Oakland)

If you or a family member get involved in a car crash and sustained injuries as a result, seeking legal practice could be the best option to take. You deserve to be compensated for all the damages and injuries. But the process of seeking compensation can be very challenging. Which is why choosing representation will increase your chances of winning your claim. But what exactly will an attorney do to help? Please read on.

  1. Guides On the Legal Steps to Take

An auto law attorney from Oakland understands the Oakland traffic laws better. The attorney will advise you on whether to take the matter to court and if yes, ensure your claim is filed within the applicable statute of limitations. S/he will use the traffic laws to prove that the other party’s negligence caused the accident. By demonstrating which laws were broken by the defendant and how the violation was the result of your injuries you will win your claim. If you’re a car crash victim, you can visit an accident lawyer here at Oakland to guide you on the necessary steps to take.

  1. Proving Negligence

For you to receive compensation after crashing your car, you need to provide proof that the damages and injuries were as a result of negligence by the other driver. This is not an easy task, especially for you. And this is why injury lawyers are there. The auto law attorneys collect and present information of the accident that shows the one party was negligent and hence causing the damages and injuries.

  1. Protect You from Manipulation

Soon after the accident, insurance adjusters will approach you with their offer. Chances are that what they’re offering you is far much less than your appropriate compensation. They’re mainly interested in minimizing what they have to pay you. A personal injury lawyer understands your rights and will handle all communications with the adjusters and ensure you’re not manipulated but receive appropriate compensation.

  1. Valuing Your Claim

Car crashes where some property is damaged and injuries are involved are very expensive. You will need to provide a value for your claim which can be difficult. You need to consult an auto law attorney experienced in handling similar cases. The attorney will evaluate all the relevant factors to determine the value to include in your claim. Among the factors that the attorney will consider include your medical bills, the impact of the injury on your lifestyle, lost wages for being away from work nursing the injuries, expected future medical costs, and the costs of replacing damaged property (if any) and vehicle.

  1. Collecting and Assembling Useful Evidence

You will be required to provide enough evidence that shows the other party was negligent and is to be held responsible for your injuries and the damages. Your lawyer will collect important evidence such as your medical records, witness statements, pictures of the accident scene from witnesses, and the video footage from witnesses and nearby cameras.


Personal injury attorneys are very important when it comes to cases involving injuries and damages. They’re the ones who – through the outlined functions above – ensure that you’re fully compensated for the injuries and damages. But not just any attorney will represent you well legally. You need a lawyer who has significant experience and success in handling similar cases. Watch out for the relevant blogs relating to auto law for more information about auto law cases.

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