Are Businesses Getting Tougher On Safety These Days?

Most of us will assume that our day at work will be mostly uneventful. The sad truth is that thousands of us each year suffer injuries in the workplace. Most of those accidents are preventable, believe it or not.

One positive piece of news is that the amount of workplace injuries is declining. But, what is that happening? Are businesses getting tougher on safety these days?

It would appear that is the case. Although, stricter government regulations play a part in that trend. So, what is it that today’s businesses are doing to foster safer working environments? Here’s a brief insight into what one can expect from most workplaces today:

Companies are carrying out regular risk assessments

The thing about any working environment is that the risk of injury to people can change all the time. That’s why it is important for business owners to carry out regular risk assessments.

A risk assessment is, in effect, a survey of a working environment. The aim is to identify issues that may pose a risk to human health in some way. Some of the checks that get carried out include:

  • Identifying worn or faulty electrical wiring;
  • Checking gas pipes and connections aren’t leaking and putting out carbon monoxide;
  • Ensuring there is adequate lighting and ventilation in all working environments;
  • Flagging any potential trip and slip hazards like protruding carpet tiles or exposed wiring;
  • Making sure safety systems are operational on machines and equipment used by workers.

Some firms carry out risk assessments themselves. Others hire independent third-party firms to do the checks for them.

They ensure there is enough provision of safety equipment

There’s no denying that many occupations are dangerous. Examples include window cleaning and working on overhead power lines. As you can imagine, those workers need to take extra safety precautions.

One of the ways their employers ensure they do so is by providing them with safety equipment. For example, safety harnesses stop workers from falling if they lose their footing. Click here to learn more about them.

Another example is giving workers insulated tools to use when working on electrical items. You can get tools like insulated screwdrivers, for instance.

They make sure employees know what they’re doing

The thing about today’s businesses is they are afraid of litigation. There’s no denying we live in an age where it’s easy to sue a third party for something. The so-called claims culture means that companies worry about getting sued by their employees.

Typical reasons for litigation include personal injury and unfair dismissal. These days when a business hires a new member of staff, there’s one thing they do straight away. They provide the training that person needs to carry out their work.

If part of that work involves operating machinery, they must know how to do so. Otherwise, they could injure themselves and blame the company for their accident.

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