An Insider’s Guide To Winning New Clients

To make money in business, you need clients. Selling those clients your products and services isn’t difficult. But what is hard is finding those clients in the first place! The sad truth is that many companies end up going bust because they don’t know where or how to get new customers. As a result, the decline in sales means they can’t afford to keep operating.

I’d hate for you to end up with a business that isn’t viable. That’s why it is important you do your best to get new business in for your organization! So, what are the secrets of doing so? The following tips might sound odd and, in some cases, unconventional. But they will always help you get new clients. Check them out:

Dress the part

You might wish to adopt a relaxed, informal working environment at your workplace. That’s a great thing to do as it helps workers feel more creative. But what happens when you’re meeting with potential new clients? Especially ones that offer lucrative contracts?  In those cases, you need to change your dress sense!

Business meetings with current or future clients need to be met with a formal approach. If you want to make a lasting first impression, you need to “dress the part.” That means wearing a business suit. So, on the days you have important meetings like that, don’t wear your shorts and T-Shirt!

If you need help with your business attire, any good business clothing store can guide you through the process. Even if it means showing you how to put on a tie!

Make sure you are well-groomed

Let’s face it; an important client might not take you seriously if you look like a bum! That’s why it is important you groom yourself before any important meetings. Have a shave, or trim your beard if you want to keep it.

Get a haircut if your hairstyle leaves a lot to be desired! And, most important of all, make sure that you smell nice. Your clients will want to know they are working with a firm whose management can lead its workers to produce high standards of work. They don’t want to pay for sub-par work.

Believe it or not, clients can and will make judgments about your company based just on what you look like!

Meet at a business location

Do you work from home? If so, you might not feel comfortable with having important clients visit you at your abode. There are plenty of business centers where you can hire professional meeting rooms by the hour.

And if you need to travel to see a client, many corporate apartments offer meeting room facilities too. Whatever you do, please forget about meeting them at a cafe or similar. It’s just not a great place to meet clients, especially at busy (and noisy) locations!

Take part in exhibitions and conventions

One great way to promote your brand is through attending industry exhibitions and conventions. They are great places to network with industry leaders and those that are likely to buy your products and services.

Make sure you have a corporate stand at such events, and that you’re on hand to answer any questions about what you can offer people. Good luck!

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