2020 Visions Systems, a North Tyneside company, has won a prestigious European tender to provide a fully integrated security system to the University of Birmingham. The contract is worth £1.2 million.

The company will now provide and oversee the provision of a video surveillance structure, along with an access control system for a newly built 780 bed student accommodation block. Furthermore, the security system will also cover the library, a comprehensive school and a sports centre having an Olympic sized swimming pool.

2020 Vision Systems

The top leadership of 2020 Visions Systems thinks that the recent spending on training the management of the firm has a huge role in securing this contract. Recently, the Government introduced a policy to ensure that tenderers have adequate qualifications to prove their ability. In response to the new policy, the firm’s owners enrolled two of its senior managers in a leadership apprenticeship.

Mr. Neil Titterington, Sales Manager at 2020 Vision Systems, also seconds the leadership’s idea by saying, “Experience used to be enough but now qualifications are essential – it’s another criterion they’ve brought in to help shortlist tenderers, basically. That’s why we got in touch with Access Training – we needed to demonstrate how capable we are and we’re seeing the training paying off now.”

The top management of the firm said that they were anticipating this deal for quite some time and they were thankful to being involved with the architects and consultants right from the get go, which further eased the process.

The deal was put on paper shortly after the University introduced its new app, Callmy. The primary objective of this app is to let the staff and students coordinate and exchange vital information during a calamity. During normal days, the app remains inactive, but sends out notification during any mishap.

The app was conceived after a power outage was witnessed throughout campus premises in 2012, when students exchanged information through Twitter. However, now that Callmy is available, one single message can be sent to all the staff and students simultaneously. The App is available on Google Play Store and iTunes store.

The foundation stone of 2020 Visions Systems was laid 25 years ago, (in 1992). It originally started out as a CCTV camera provider to town centres. Now the firm has over 30 workers and has served to a number of valuable clients including Great North Museum and Tata Steel Europe Limited. The firm is an award-winning security system provider.

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