Trump Team Refused To News Of Trump-Puttin Table Talk

Two close advisors of Trump has denied of any summit wouldn’t be held between President-Elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Puttin.

Trump Team Refused To News Of Trump-Putting Table Talk

In light of Sunday Times published report, which reads as “Soon, President-Elect of United States Of America would be tabled with Russia President Vladimir Puttin in Icelandic capital of Reykjavik.” Whereas on many occasions, Trump shows his inclination towards Russia. He usually found extending friendly relations with Russia.

While giving interview to Wall Street Journal, Trump told that he would lift up sanctions from Russia if Russia would be friendly and helpful to United States of America. There is no sense of keeping sanctions with Moscow when it’s helpful and supportive to us.

Noted that outgoing President Obama has imposed sanctions over Russia and deported her 35 ambassadors from Washington after USA Intelligence reports claimed that Russian Cyber Attacks had influenced in USA Presidential election 2016 and they played vital role in changing the results of Presidential Elections 2016. After this scandal USA elections lost its charms and legitimacy and became quite controversial.

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