On Saturday, President of United States of America Donald Trump called Russia President Vladimir Putin. It was their ever 1st call since President Trump sworn-in. The Much expected talked about future improved relationship of both states.

President Trump Called President Putin

It’s anticipated that both world leaders discussed about the imposed sanction upon Russia by the predecessor Barak Obama. White house hasn’t issued any of more detail about their conversation. According to Kremlin, North Korea Aggression, Iran’s Nuclear Program, Ukraine, and better trade relationship between both countries. Addition to this, a messaged which was translated from Kermlin website stated that, Putin and Trump vowed to offer support to each other in defeating together terror organization of the world. It is also expected that both leaders are working to meet face-to-face soon but date has been fixed yet. Earlier in a press conference President Trump disclosed that, it would be early to talk about Russian sanction. He hinted that he is in initial stage to ponder lifting ban from Russia as a part of large effort to improve relationship between United States and Russia. Putin and Trump spoke after Trump’s victory in November, and make sure that they both never met face to face yet they expressed great admiration for each other.

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