Increase in Terrorism Since 9/11 According to New Report

New reports are released all the time, but none quite as compelling as what was published in December 2014.  The new report stated that terrorism is one the right. Now, more terrorist incidents have occurred than ever since the 9/11 attacks in New York.

The Global Terrorism Index is the report that has been released for public view. According to a report compiled by the GTI, over 18000 deaths in 2014 alone were caused by terrorist actions. This number has dramatically increased since the onset of 9/11.

Are Western Measures Effective?

According to terrorism law solicitors, the index report has been viewed negatively by many. It has raised questions about the effectiveness of western measures when combating global terrorism. Now, more people than ever are being affected by terrorism. There is very little that is seen to be done surrounding this issue. Western-lead measures have included invasions and strikes. But, this has done nothing to curtail the global issue that surrounds terrorism.

Statistics and Data

The report included a number of statistics highlighting the issues of terrorism around the world. According to the report, more fatalities and deaths have been suffered as a result of global terrorism. In the last decade, more deaths have been recorded, as a result, than ever before. In 2000, the number of deaths was little over 3,000. In 2013, the report highlighted nearly 18,000 deaths.

A Widespread Issue

The report highlighted the problem with Western measures and the inability to contain the issue. 80% of deaths were caused by terrorism in just five countries. These countries are Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria and Afghanistan. With this, it seems that there is little reprieve for the civilians within these countries. More deaths are felt within the home nations of these terrorist organisations than anywhere else in the world. Very few fatalities, in comparison, have occurred within European and American countries.

The report also documented the widespread issue of terrorism. Where terrorism has never occurred before, it is more prominent around the world. More countries than ever are experiencing terrorist actions. As a result of this, there is said to be increased terrorist actions within African states too. This is a relatively new phenomenon. There are said to be a number of factors as to why this has happened. Political instability and poverty are said to be contributing factors.

What Can Be Done?

There are a vast number of strategies that global leaders can adopt. The report has documented that successful strategies are not being used in the face of this devastating issue. But, it has said that during the 1960s, anti-terror laws were more effective than they are today. It seems that governments need to ensure that political processes are started within countries that suffer from terrorism. Military engagement is not the solution to global terrorism. In fact, it only stops 10% of terrorist incidents in the world. It seems that the rise in terrorism will not stop until governments change their tactics. The report highlighted that this phenomenon was likely to increase in coming years.

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