Picture of Hillary Reading Mike Private Email Headline Stolen Social Media

A photo of former American Presidential Candidate 2016 Hillary Clinton goes viral when she was travelling from Boston to New York on Friday.

Picture of Hilary Reading Mike Private Email Headline Stolen Social Media

A fellow traveler of her, captured that picture. In that picture, viewers can easily see she is glancing upon newspaper which headlines is about Vice President Mike Pence used of private email account for state business.

Earlier it was reported that, Vice President had used private ALO account as an Indiana Governor to do state business. This news was first time reported by Indianapolis Star on Thursday. According to news, his that private account was hacked in last summer. According to statement of Mike Pence quoted in Reuters, he had complied with Indiana laws in his use of the email account, and he had an outside attorney review his private email records and archive those related to state business.

Although, during presidential election campaign 2016, Republican Candidates Donald Trump and Mike Pence strongly criticized Hillary Clinton for using private email server for circulating state business as Secretary of State. They claimed that, she had not only broken the law but also endangered the security of state. This accuse made their supporters to chant “Lock Her Up” at rallies.

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