Huawei Sued US For Banning Public Authorities

The corporation said the US Congress had not produced any evidence that would justify such a move.

In response to spy allegations, Chinese technology giant Huawei is being brought to trial against the US government. It wants to crack down on a ban on US authorities banning the purchase and use of Huawei technology and services, said company reigning chairman Guo Ping on Thursday at its headquarters in Shenzhen, southern China .

A law signed by US President Donald Trump last year is “not only unlawful, but also prevents Huawei from engaging in fair competition,” Guo Ping said. A lawsuit has been filed with the US District Court in Plano , Texas.

Observers rated the desired process primarily as a symbolic step of the telecom giant. Although there is no great chance of success. However, Huawei wants to set a public signal against the allegations of the US and demonstrate resistance. This should also restore confidence in other countries.

Currently in the West, also in Germany , an exclusion of Huawei from the construction of the networks of super-fast 5G data radio discussed. Based on allegations, especially from the US , Huawei is too close to the Chinese government and can be forced by the authorities of the country to cooperate.

The fears range from espionage in the nets to sabotage. Huawei has always denied the allegations.

“The US Congress has repeatedly failed to provide evidence that would justify restrictions on Huawei’s products,” said Guo Ping, “We are forced to take these legal measures as appropriate and final means.” According to Huawei , US authorities are not only prohibited the use of Chinese technology. They are also prohibited from entering into contracts with third parties who purchase Huawei products. The procedure is against the US Constitution.

Specifically, the group wants to proceed against Section 899 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). “The law is based on numerous false, unproven and unverified statements,” said Huawei chief lawyer Song Liuping. Contrary to allegations, Huawei is not owned, controlled or under the influence of the Chinese government .

Huawei is also under pressure in the US over the affair surrounding company founder Ren Zhengfei’s daughter : Meng Wanzhou, the company’s chief financial officer, is under strict conditions in Canada . The US has requested their extradition. She is charged with bank fraud in violation of sanctions against Iran.

The case weighs heavily on relations between Canada and China . Following her arrest , two Canadians were arrested in China – the former diplomat and independent international Crisis Group member Michael Kovrig, as well as businessman and Korea expert Michael Spavor . China’s authorities accuse them of espionage . Diplomats and critics suspect retaliation and speak of “hostage diplomacy”.

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