Lg G6 Phone Could Come With Glass Back For Wireless Charging

LG’s next, module-free flagship could have a glass back. According to ETNews, the LG G6 will have a glass back when it debuts next year, making it the first phone in the G-series to come with such a feature, though the line has frequently switched up backplate materials over the past few years. The G4 had a plastic back, while the G5 had a metal back and worked with modules, and now, the G6 is reportedly going for the premium flagship feel.

But it’s not all about looks here. LG is reportedly mulling wireless charging as a standout feature for the G6. Keep in mind metal backs make wireless charging really difficult. Also, the G6 wouldn’t be the first phone to offer such a capability. (If you recall, Samsung made its Galaxy S6 capable of charging wirelessly.) But with a glass back, LG might have to consider sealed batteries.

It’ll be difficult for the company to include removable batteries – let alone support the modular design of the G5 – with a glass back. LG is already thinking about ditching the whole modular approach anyway for the G6, but we won’t know for sure until February at MWC 2017, as that’s when the company is expected to reveal its new flagship. But nothing is confirmed as of yet.

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