While smartphones and tablets have eaten away attelevision’s former dominance of broadcast media viewership, that doesn’t mean that the content that used to be enjoyed primarily in the living room or den by the whole family at once is going out of fashion. In fact, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets now means that there are more screens than ever on which to view content. Far from going away, traditional television or media properties have merely begun to adjust to this new environment that demands the ability to stream to any device.

Connected TV

Consumers have shown that they prefer the flexibility that streaming media provides, and they are going to choose that as a solution for delivering media content whether your media brand offers it or not.

There are also numerous benefits to developing Connected TV apps that are not just limited to keeping up with your competitors. Custom apps developed for the Google Play, Apple iOS, and tvOS ecosystems allow your company to provide numerous synergistic benefits directly to your consumers, including providing additional content andoffering unique, customized promotions. The television is no longer the sole provider of broadcast media, and this is a tremendous opportunity to diversify and enrich the media consumption experience – and thanks to devices like Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku, even the television itself is able to provide these benefits through your proprietary smart tv apps.

The future of media consumption has already arrived, and it is a network of connected devices, all tailored to their users’ particular preferences. In order to take advantage of this new reality, your company needs to hire the most talented and experienced mobile developers it can find – a good bet would be Clearbridge Mobile, which is one of the top-rated app developers in North America. They have worked on a wide variety of award-winning mobile apps, with such high profile Connected TV clients as Disney, ABC, Bravo, and Oxygen. However you wish to implement a custom mobile app into a Connected TV experience for your customers, they will be able to realize your company’s ambitions.

While much has changed within the past ten years, when it comes to the ways in which users consume content, there is still room for innovators like Clearbridge Mobile to work with your company to revolutionize that relationship. Despite their ubiquity and already large user base, mobile and Connected TV are still emerging markets, and so it is crucial to establish your product before the dust settles. For a good introduction to the kinds of services that an experienced developer can offer, check out Clearbridgemobile.com/capability/connected-tv/ for more information. Because when a revolution occurs – even if it’s just in your customers’ living room! – you want to make sure that you’re on the right side of history.

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