When Science and Fashion Unite: Stunning Space Travel Clothing Inspirations

Fashion designers have always pushed limits, both in their creations and what they use to make them. If leaders in the industry have their way, though, men’s clothing might push right into the stratosphere and right out into outer space. Inspired by everything outside of Earth, top designers are creating a bold, weightlessly creative new style that lets guys reach fashion stardom.

The Look in a Nutshell

Pieces following the hot men’s “space” trend are meant to make you think of space travel or, alternately, environments you might encounter on or around other worlds. For example, designer Steven B. Wheeler created a NASA-themed winter jacket combining aesthetic elements from the exterior of the Space Shuttle and extra vehicular activity (EVA) spacesuits. If you’re looking for something even more out there, designers like Kay Kwok can provide clothes with a more futuristic take. His fall/winter 2014 collection, for example, features oversized proportions, Star Trek-esque headgear and images such as aliens, satellites and planets.

Not all the space-inspired designs coming from today’s fashion professionals look astronaut-worthy or bring to mind science fiction. If you prefer something more low-key, the Myrrhia label has released a new space-inspired line featuring “radiating patterns that mimic networking energies and rippling heat waves.” You also can get items like T-shirts sporting an astronaut sloth (yes, a sloth in a spacesuit) or the paths of Voyager spacecraft. Need something for the office? No problem–pieces like star-covered Hubble image ties offer a perfect style hack for your suit.

There’s Always Space for Technology in Men’s Fashion Design

Many of the designs creators are coming up with for this latest men’s fashion trend are relying on space-related technologies in their work, even if the designs themselves aren’t otherwise so outrageous. For example, there’s the SpeedForm Apollo running shoe from Under Armour, which incorporates technologies developed for space programs to remain more lightweight (just 6.5 ounces!) and flexible. Similarly, the “Mercury” sweater from Ministry of Supply uses phase-change material (PCM) – the same stuff in NASA spacesuits – to give off heat when it’s too cold. Some designers are thinking about the way you use gadgets and “everyday” technology, too, such as with SPACELIFE’s jacket that mimics a spacesuit. Retailing for about $1,900, this light-reflecting, water-resistant piece of winter gear has a control panel and speakers, letting you pair with your phone via Bluetooth.


Fashion, like space, is a frontier that’s continually expanding, shifting and demonstrating great beauty. In this context, today’s fashion designers are thinking well beyond the blue planet in the lines they’re releasing. Their concepts successfully are opening people’s eyes to what possibly lies beyond (maybe even way, WAY beyond), not just in fashion and space, but in life. The application of innovative technologies has the potential to improve both functionality and comfort for wearers, as well. The fact that the designs range from ultra-casual to wild couture ensures that you can follow the trend and be true to your personality at the same time.

Alex Outlaw is the marketing director and editorial contributor to the The Idle Man. He enjoys keeping up with the latest developments in men’s fashion, music and contemporary culture. He also enjoys sharing his fashion industry insights through blogging and social media. Keep up to speed on Twitter here.


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